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I recently heard about a program called PediaSwim. PediaSwim is a program that teaches individuals to be infant and toddler swimming instructors. I had no idea there was a program like this! PediaSwim instructors are able to teach children a swim – float- swim technique for fun and safety. PediaSwim Instructors are trained and certified by Joy McGinty at SouthWest Aquatics in Florida.

Infant Swimming Instructor Certification takes place over the course of four weeks/five days per week. The Infant, Baby and Toddler Swimming Instructor Training Course is a comprehensive course, that trains you to work with children from ages six months to three years. I love that PediaSwim trains you one on one. This ensures you will be absolutely prepared for teaching swimming to children in the aforementioned age groups.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother awesome feature is that once you are PediaSwim trained, you are free to start your own business anywhere! There is even a great feature on PediaSwim’s website showing you the names and locations of Certified PediaSwim instructors. I like that you can take the certification you have earned and apply those skills in a business aspect or just training your own children.

You always hear heart-breaking news stories about young children who drown in family swimming pools. I think that being PediaSwim trained and teaching your kids this way to swim could help prevent some of these tragedies. It’s amazing to me that kids as young as six months old are capable of learning the PediaSwim technique. Check out the video below:

Fascinating, right?! Look at those babies go! 🙂 Please be sure to visit PediaSwim’s website at any of the links in this post to check out the program and find out more about the Infant Swimming Instructor Certification.

Some more information provided by PediaSwim:

Quick Overview of PediaSwim
Joy McGinty is passionate about teaching babies to swim through her program, PediaSwim.
Joy McGinty has been teaching infants and toddlers survival swim skills since 1992.
She trains others to teach in her unique method based in Behavioral Psychology.
PediaSwim is the basis for a great career! It is so rewarding, you make your own schedule, you impact your community in incredible ways and have unlimited earning potential!

What is PediaSwim
It is a program that teaches infants how to independently swim and float for survival and fun. Children are taught perfect rotations to rest and breath which makes side breathing in advanced strokes a seamless transition.

Why PediaSwim Training is Important
Drowning is the #1 accidental death in children ages 0 to 4.
Drowning is preventable.
We can combat these horrifying statistics by training individuals in every community to teach babies to swim.

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