Purchasing a Crib

As parents expect a new child, whether their own or adopted, they usually begin to prepare a nursery for the anticipated child. Probably the first item on your list is a new crib because the crib sets the basis for d├ęcor in the nursery. For safety’s sake, avoid bassinets, cradles, co-sleepers, and Moses baskets for your child. A crib is the best option.

What About the Crib that Mom Kept for Me?

If you can, don’t buy a used crib or accept a used crib for your child. That way you can rely upon the crib’s compliance with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) standards. Are you aware that the recommended spacing of crib slats has been amended? Don’t put your child in a crib with a sliding adjustable side because they can contribute to infant death. Older cribs, too, have seen wear and tear over the years and may not have adequate structural integrity.

Buying a Crib from a Reputable Dealer and Manufacturer

Purchasing your crib from a reputable dealer such as Baby Furniture Plus can help assure you of the safety of your child. They stock numbers of cribs to view and try out along with the mattresses and bedding to fit the particular crib you decide to purchase. They choose the manufacturers of the cribs they sell carefully for reliability and integrity. A number of all-wood cribs are offered in their showrooms, which is an advantage if you plan to use this crib for several children. It is worth the time you’ll take to go see one of their showrooms in Columbia SC, Greenville SC, or Charlotte SC. This will give you an opportunity to look at various styles of cribs and experience the advantages of each. At the same time, you can look at changing tables, chests of drawers, as well as mobiles and decorations for the baby’s room.

If you’re too far away to make it to South Carolina, you can take the opportunity to visit retailers such as Baby Furniture Plus on line. Look carefully at selections to access both the best and safest cribs.


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