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Realizing You by Ron Doade with Susan Sloate

Meet Robby Aihn, the newest star in the self-help universe and author of the runaway bestseller, Realizing You, now struggling with his first taste of fame. Though his five principles for good living are changing other people’s lives, his own life is starting to fall apart. When Robby stages a lavish self-help conference in Dallas, he attracts others with their own secrets: his estranged wife and unhappy teenage daughter; the businessman pursuing his own agenda; the all-star pitcher facing the end of his career; and the shy co-author Robby never acknowledged, who is searching for meaning in her own life. Join Robby and the others on their journey toward understanding and fulfillment, in this truly novel approach to changing YOUR life.

Guest Post

Are you a fan of conventional self-improvement books?

No, definitely no. But I am a big-time fan and advocate of self-improvement, just not in the venues the advice is traditionally delivered—self-help books and related motivational meetings and speeches. Most do a really good job of motivating positive change behavior; but, that behavior is generally unsustainable, in the long term.

Here are the two main reasons behind my thoughts. First, I think that the author of the typical self-help book is a decent person trying to make a living, just like Robby Aihn, the main protagonist in Realizing You. But, while it seems to me that these self-help gurus are very good at quickly motivating people to change, that change has very little staying power. You may know some people who have read a motivational self-help book and exclaimed, “That book changed my life.” And, for a few people, that may appear to be true, especially for the short-term. They may address issues that improve their behavior that help them get greater control over the lives. But, I have found these changes to be unsustainable because people are too focused on changing behaviors without getting to the core of what’s really causing the bad behavioral habits. The typical self-help book approach to setting down rules for good behavior is only dealing with effects of bad behavior, and not the underlying causes.

Second, typical self-help book authors claim that following their prescriptions will help you feel empowered to control you own life. They seem to suggest that you have the power to change your life for the better. But, somewhere, well before the end of the book, we discover that you really need the power of something outside of you. For some it’s a magical power, like Aladdin’s lamp, as Robby suggests in Realizing You. For others, it’s a mystical/supernatural power—godlike. I believe that you cannot relinquish to an outside source the power for personal improvement and still sustain permanent change in changing your life for the better. You have to be in full control of your own life.

About the Authors

RON DOADES is president of Ronald Doades & Company, a consulting firm that, since 1977, has helped the people of large and mid-size energy companies improve their individual and corporate performance results by learning from the best-practice experiences of others. A popular speaker on the topic of managing change for optimal results, he holds an MBA from Columbia University and an MS in Psychology from The New School in New York City. Visit him at

Author of STEALING FIRE (#2 Amazon bestseller and Quarter-Finalist in 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest), co-author of FORWARD TO CAMELOT: 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION and REALIZING YOU. 2003 edition of FORWARD TO CAMELOT, a time-travel thriller, was a finalist in 3 book competitions: 2004 IPPY Awards, 2004 Arizona Authors Assn. Literary Competition and 2008 Beach Read Competition. It was also a #6 Amazon bestseller in Sci-Fi/Fantasy, optioned in 2005 by Fast Carrier Pictures for film. Also author of 17 published young-adult books (fiction and non-fiction, sports, biography, romance, etc), which includes Silver Medal/2007 Children’s Moonbeam Awards, for RAY CHARLES: FIND ANOTHER WAY! from Bearport Publishing. MYSTERIES UNWRAPPED: THE SECRETS OF ALCATRAZ (2008, Sterling Publisher) led to author appearance on MYSTERY QUEST: ALCATRAZ, a special for The History Channel, summer 2009. Playwright of two produced plays, screenwriter (2 screen properties optioned), sportswriter (major-league baseball and power volleyball). Founded and chaired the East Cooper Authors Festival in May 2007, a program that brought together published authors with students from primary schools through high school outside Charleston, South Carolina in programs designed to excite students about reading. Inaugural program reached more than 8,000 students in one day.
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