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Reign & Revolution
Janine A. Southard
(Hive Queen Saga, #3)
Publication date: April 12th 2016
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

The Hive Queen Saga’s Thrilling Conclusion!

Rhiannon and her Hive have mastered space travel. Sort of. At least, they’re better at it. They’ve outsmarted kidnappers, survived severe oxygen deprivation, and heisted back their own ship engine from would-be thieves.

Since joining up, they’ve traveled further and further away from their home planet. But out on Yin He Garden Station (in Chinese-owned territory), home catches up at a physics symposium.

When Alan’s former research advisor makes an offer that’ll bring them home as respected members of society, Rhiannon knows she has to accept. But home isn’t exactly as she left it, and a hostile space fleet stands between her aging ship and her new/old life. Should she be running towards the fleet, or scurrying back into international space as fast as her craft can go?

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Top 10 List “10 songs that remind you of your main character”

Reign & Revolution (the whole Hive Queen Saga, really) is an ensemble novel. Friends band together, and lives that diverge will later intersect. But, with all that, there is definitely one main character: Rhiannon Jones.

Rhiannon is book smart, trying to learn to be people smart. She studies for her life-altering school exit exams, taking practice test after practice test until she can convince the graders she’s got more charisma than bookish skill. She “cheats” her way into being a Hive Queen, a position where charismatic women nurture and drive their followers for the good of society.

She’s also in her late teens, suddenly in command of a spaceship (with no training), and the focal point of six Hive members who count on her for everything. She’s got a lot of responsibility, and she’s determined to live up to it.

10. Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac (A little on the nose? Never! Like her namesake, Hive Queen Rhiannon draws people to her by the force of her personality. Those so drawn believe their lives have been enriched for knowing her.)

9. Uprising – Muse (Rhiannon won’t let other people rule her life, and she’s not going to quietly let the authorities ruin anyone else’s lives either.)

8. Fun Fun Fun – The Beach Boys (Rhiannon is smart, but she’s only going to the library when she wants to.)

7. And I Love Her – The Beatles (Her Hive members have to love her, or else they wouldn’t be able to exist in the Hive structure. They would give her everything. She returns that affection and devotion in equal measure.)

6. Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles (Rhiannon makes one choice early on, and then everything moves faster and more out of control.)

5. Farewell to the Crown – Chumbawumba (The Man—the authorities, the test makers, all of society—want to tell her what to do, and Rhiannon is not having it. She may begin by running away, but what she really wants is independence for her people. This isn’t “farewell, I’m leaving,” but rather “farewell, you’re leaving, and I will make you.”)

4. Dark Side of the Glass – Lori Yates (Rhiannon watches events unfolding and sees they’re at odds with everyone’s stated intentions. She has to reconcile actions to motivations if she wants to be a part of reality beyond “looking in” from the outside.)

3. Ceridwen and Taliesin – Damh the Bard (Not only is this a ballad that that would be shared on Rhiannon’s home world, but her spaceship is named for the witch-goddess Ceridwen. Whenever people take from Rhiannon, she reacts like Ceridwen would—first with anger, then with creativity, and finally with an acceptance that somehow makes her life and the whole universe into a richer place.)

2. Dangerous (Feat. Joywave) – Big Data (When Rhiannon tangles with the authorities, they don’t quite understand what they’re messing with until it’s too late.)

1. Faking it – Simon and Garfunkel (Rhiannon cheats her way into the life she wants, and no matter how hard she tries, she still doubts herself.)

Author Bio:

Janine A. Southard is the IPPY award-winning author of Queen & Commander (and other books in The Hive Queen Saga). She lives in Seattle, WA, where she writes speculative fiction novels, novellas, and short stories… and reads them aloud to her cat.

All Janine’s books so far have been possible because of crowdsourced funds via Kickstarter. She owes great thanks to her many patrons of the arts who love a good science fiction adventure and believe in her ability to make that happen.

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