{Review} Green Kitty by Alexandra Faer Bryan

I received an ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. This did not influence my opinion of the story.

greenkittyGreen Kitty by Alexandra Faer Bryan

Green Kitty was written for children ages 6 to 10 to help give an understanding of dementia. It is a story about a grandmother with memory problems being visited by her grandchild. Their bond grows stronger through the visits. The grandmother recalls old stories, mostly about family pets, after the child’s curiosity is piqued about a special animal. The child becomes anxious to hear grandmother tell about the “Green Kitty,” but her fragile mind is often sidetracked with other memories from her past. Green Kitty will capture the imagination of any child as it retells the laugh-out-loud true antics of the author’s family pets and farm animals. These are very amusing, earthy stories which will appeal to both parents and children.

My Review

In Green Kitty, the story is told by the author as a young girl. We get to hear about the special relationship she has with her grandmother, who is in an assisted living home, suffering from Alzheimer’s. This felt like much more than just a ‘story’ to me. It contains important life lessons about helping others, keeping family close, and spending time with loved ones. This is a book that I would consider an essential read when someone you know is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It isn’t a ‘scary’ story. It simply shows how love is more important than anything. This is a book that I will be reading to my children, as we have had family members with Alzheimer’s.

Please visit the author online at www.greenkittybook.com. 🙂


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