Author: Charlie Donlea

May 28 2018

Don’t Believe It by Charlie Donlea – Guest Post

Don’t Believe It by Charlie Donlea – Guest Post

A Caribbean resort. A grisly murder. A documentary filmmaker looking for answers.

In the early ‘90s, John Grisham published a novel called The Firm. In it, a shadyMemphis law firm routinely flew its attorneys to Grand Cayman for long weekends, putting them up in the firm’s beachside condo and allowing the overworked lawyers some R&R. In reality, the firm was sending its best and brightest to the tropics to launder mob money.

The book’s island scenes were so fabulous that by the time The Firm finished selling seven million copies, Grand Cayman had morphed from a little-known island that was a mere sixty-minute flight from Miami, to one of the Caribbean’s most sought-after tropical destination. Behind the scenes, Cayman …

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