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Oct 24 2021

The Last Line by Robert Dugoni – Review, Author Q&A + Giveaway

The Last Line by Robert Dugoni – Review, Author Q&A + Giveaway

My Thoughts

The Last Line by Robert Dugoni is a short suspense/thriller story featuring Detective Del Castigliano working his first case as a homicide detective in Seattle, WA. I have read an earlier short story as well as the first book in the Tracy Crosswhite series, but it has been about 7 years since I read them. Still, you can absolutely read this as a standalone short story/prequel. This story takes place before Tracy arrives at the Seattle PD. It will definitely whet your appetite for the series!

The Last Line hooks you right from the beginning – the mystery of two bodies that appeared to be drowning victims coupled with Del attempting to build a new life in Seattle and …

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Oct 06 2021

The Silent Witness by Carolyn Arnold

The Silent Witness by Carolyn Arnold

The Silent Witness is the third book in the Detective Amanda Steele series. It pulls you in right away and has you having to turn the pages until you find out what happens next. Ms. Arnold has a gift for writing taut, suspenseful police procedurals that keep you guessing. This series is a must-read if you like shows like CSI or Criminal Minds.

I love how Amanda tries to stay emotionally detached from her cases but because of her personality and what she’s been through, she can’t help but feel a connection. That raw emotion often helps her find just what she is looking for. The drama and the mystery had my adrenaline pumping. As much as I wanted to …

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May 28 2018

Don’t Believe It by Charlie Donlea – Guest Post

Don’t Believe It by Charlie Donlea – Guest Post

A Caribbean resort. A grisly murder. A documentary filmmaker looking for answers.

In the early ‘90s, John Grisham published a novel called The Firm. In it, a shadyMemphis law firm routinely flew its attorneys to Grand Cayman for long weekends, putting them up in the firm’s beachside condo and allowing the overworked lawyers some R&R. In reality, the firm was sending its best and brightest to the tropics to launder mob money.

The book’s island scenes were so fabulous that by the time The Firm finished selling seven million copies, Grand Cayman had morphed from a little-known island that was a mere sixty-minute flight from Miami, to one of the Caribbean’s most sought-after tropical destination. Behind the scenes, Cayman …

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Mar 01 2018

The Amendment Killer by Ronald S. Barak

The Amendment Killer by Ronald S. Barak


Chapter 1
Tuesday, May 6, 6:30 am

We have your granddaughter. Here’s what you need to do.

Thomas T. Thomas III reviewed the language. Again. He closed the phone without hitting send. Yet.

He stared through high-powered binoculars from atop the wooded knoll. As always, the girl hit one perfect shot after another.

Cassie Webber. Age 11. He’d been tailing her for three months. It seemed longer.

She was chaperoned everywhere she went. Two-a-day practices before and after school. Her dad drove her in the morning. He watched her empty bucket after bucket and then dropped her off at school. Her mom picked her up after school, ferried her back to the practice range, and brought her home after daughter and coach finished. Mom and …

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Aug 11 2017

A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris – Review

A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris – Review

A Margin of Lust – My Thoughts

A Margin of Lust by Greta Boris is the first book in the new Seven Deadly Sins suspense series. I was excited to pack this in my suitcase and take it on vacation. I thought it would make the perfect beach read and I was right. This suspenseful mystery is so well-written that you won’t want to put it down. Ms. Boris is an immensely talented writer who seamlessly weaves a plot that pulls you in from the start. The character development was a key part of how much I enjoyed the story. I will be anxiously awaiting more in this series.


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Jul 11 2017

Bring Her Home by David Bell – Release Day Review + Giveaway

Bring Her Home by David Bell – Release Day Review + Giveaway

My Thoughts on Bring Her Home

Bring Her Home by David Bell is the story of two missing girls and what happens when they are found. This is the first book I have read by David. I quickly found myself wrapped up in the story. Early on, I guessed a twist in the story. I was concerned that I had figured it all out, and with a good bit of the book left, I didn’t know where the story was going. But I quickly realized that the author was not done with the twists and turns in this one.

I thought this was a well-written story. While I didn’t feel like there was a lot of suspense or even thriller moments, …

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Jun 14 2017

No Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan – Guest Post + Giveaway @TracyBuchanan

No Turning Back by Tracy Buchanan – Guest Post + Giveaway @TracyBuchanan

My writing sanctuary by Tracy Buchanan

Each morning, there’s nothing that gives me more joy then stepping into my beautiful study. It wasn’t always like that though. When we viewed our new house before putting in an offer, the room was filled floor to ceiling with books, files, boxes of clothes and more. The wallpaper was peeling, the carpet threadbare. But I could see through all that. I knew it would one day be the place I’d write my novels. So when we moved in, it was the first room I set about redecorating.

While my novels are mainly set in seaside locations, I like the darker side (as you’ll see in my latest novel No Turning …

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Apr 07 2017

The Last Sin by KL Murphy

The Last Sin by KL Murphy

The Last Sin
by KL Murphy
on Tour March 13 – April 14, 2017


Detective Mike Cancini has seen some dark days, but his skills are put to the test when a priest is discovered, brutally murdered in a run-down church in Washington, D.C. The man who discovered the body is none other than Cancini’s longtime friend and confidant, Father Joe Rossi. The murdered priest, Father Matthew Holland, was adored by the congregation, and it seems clear that this was a crime of opportunity in a deteriorating neighborhood.

However, Cancini soon learns some shocking details from the church secretary, and begins to suspect that Father Holland was not as saintly as he may have appeared. This new information leads to a trail of bribes …

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