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May 18 2018

Dangerous Mistakes by Susan Hunter

Dangerous Mistakes by Susan Hunter

Excerpt | Dangerous Mistakes by Susan Hunter

Chapter 1

“All of us are dying.”

“Well, yes, I guess I can’t argue with that, Betty,” I said to the slight, white-haired woman seated behind my desk in the newsroom. I had come barreling in to pick up a new notebook, late for my next assignment.

“Oops, sorry, if I could just get into that center desk drawer there.” I gently rolled her away from the desk, edged my drawer out a couple of inches, and stuck my arm into the depths until I felt cardboard. I tweezered out the spiral-bound notebook between two fingers.

“All of us. Dying. It’s not right.”

I slipped the notebook into my purse and moved to scoot Betty back into position, …

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May 04 2018

Dangerous Habits by Susan Hunter – Review

Dangerous Habits by Susan Hunter – Review

My Thoughts

Dangerous Habits by Susan Hunter is the first book in the Leah Nash mystery series. I wouldn’t call this a cozy mystery book, but a regular mystery. There’s a lot more action, as well as some situations that wouldn’t occur in a cozy mystery.

Dangerous Habits is set in small-town Wisconsin where Leah has returned home to work at the newspaper where she got her start. She lives with her mom. Leah is a great character. She’s intelligent but she tends to run her mouth a bit more than she should…she doesn’t have a filter and her mouth is usually what gets her in trouble. That, and her inability to let something go when she has a niggling idea.

There …

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