Romance by the Bay by Tonya Kappes – Meet Drea Daily + Giveaway

Romance by the Bay by Tonya KappesRomance by the Bay by Tonya Kappes

Drea Daily, Veterinarian and owner of Nose 2 Tails animal clinic, has a special gift. . .she can talk to animals. Tourist Holt Major brings his beloved dog into her clinic for an emergency, she’s finding it hard to resist his charm. If she reveals her special gift, she will loose it. But if she doesn’t jump on the chance for true love, she will loose Holt. Will her deep, dark secret keep them apart? Or will his deep dark secret keep them apart?


Meet Drea Daily

There is just something about that smell. No, I’m not talking about the animal smell coming from my veterinarian clinic, Nose 2 Tails. I’m talking about that big blue ocean right out my clinic front door.

Hold on for a second. What? Oh, right, Dodger! Where are my manners? I’m Drea Daily and this is my dog Dodger. He just told me that I didn’t tell you guys my name. Umm. . .yeah. Dodger is my dog. We live in Blossom Bay and I can talk to animals.

Shh. Dodger, I think I just skimmed through that one. What? They are still reading this? Oh, hi. Okay. I’m not crazy. You read it correctly, but it’s a secret and I trust that you can keep a secret.

In fact, I’m a very good veterinarian because of my family gift. I love animals and I also run the animal sanctuary on the bay. My sister, Priscilla Daily, who you met in Murder By The Bay, she’s the chef at the Blossom Bay Bed and Breakfast up there on top of the hill. It has the most beautiful view of our little town. She has a special gift in her cooking. Everyone loves her cooking, everyone has no idea she has a gift and she sprinkles a little magic in all her recipes.

Today I had an emergency come in from a tourist, Holt Major. His dog, Ranger, had a terrible stomach ache, only because Mr. Major fed him chicken tenders. At least that’s what Ranger told me. Mr. Major claimed he didn’t give the dog anything bad. Little does he know…right?

He’s cute. I mean Holt Major is cute. He’s tall, dark, and handsome. He has a friendly smile that reaches his eyes and my heart seemed to skip a beat every time I’ve run into him and Ranger. They seem to be all over Blossom Bay over the past couple of days. Plus they are staying at the bed and breakfast.

Priscilla can tell by the way I react when Holt is around that I’m attracted to him. But she and I both know that I can’t tell anyone my secret, which means I could never fall in love, because my gift will disappear. There are just too many animals relying on me for that.

Anyways, I’ve got to go. Word on the street is that the owner of the animal sanctuary is closing it down. I’ve got a meeting with the owner’s lawyer. I’m going to tell him where he can stuff it because these animals need a place to live.

Dodger, wait! That dog. He just runs off. Oh. There’s Holt.

Note from Tonya
Welcome to Blossom Bay Short Story Series. This series was built out of love for reading all the time. I mean the grocery store line, kid’s car line, sports practices, waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting on the doctor. . .waiting, waiting, waiting. The wait is long enough to read a short story, but too short to get invested into a novel. I found myself looking for fun and easy short story reads and having a hard time doing it. That is how I came up with this series. Each short story introduces you and takes you on a ride into one of the Blossom Bay residents that spans over different genres. The one cohesive bond between each short story is the small ocean town of Blossom Bay. The Bay is just as much a character as the rest of the cast. I hope you fall in love with this cozy town and fun characters as much as I love writing about them!

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Romance By The Bay is the perfect paranormal romance for Valentine’s Day! Do you have Valentine’s Day plans? Leave a comment and one lucky winner will win this fun Valentine’s pack that includes a Tonya Kappes tote, notepad, light pen, chocolates, and Starbuck’s gifts card.

Giveaway ends 02/15/16 and winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries.


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  1. Yes, I have plans but not great ones. I work in the restaurant business so it is one busy day for us. I will be working a double shift all day and will miss not being able to spend the day with my kids.

  2. Tonya is an amazing author. Thank you for leaving so many ways to follow her.
    I think that short stories really have a place. I used to grab them in between novels, but now find that they have a solid genre in their own right. I do have the first Blossom Bay book and am about to start it.

    1. Oh, plans, this is my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend and he is being quite secretive. I know there are plans… I don’t know them. 😉

  3. Hi Tonya , Your books have been keeping me company during my recouperating. I’ve read every one of your books , I hope you keep them coming for a long time to come. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway.

  4. I’ll be going to see my granddog in the evening. I talk to him, but he usually doesn’t talk back. How much fun would it be if we could know what they are thinking, then again maybe not all the time! It could be an eye-opener for sure.

  5. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Everything Tonya writes is fun. My valentine’s plans are low key. A nice dinner at home.

  6. Valentine’s Day plans? Yes…lunch at our favorite wine bar, exchanging cards (one funny; one romantic), hand-holding walk, reminiscing.

  7. No plans for Valentines Day. Well I am sure I will read some, but other than that nothing is planned. Happy Valentines Day to all!

  8. Right now my tentative plans are to have drinks with my lady friends (and maybe one guy friend) and make each other valentines.

  9. I have no plans for Valentine’s Day my husband has been to sick the last year and still is and will not get we plan on just being together and making the most of everything we have no plans will be made, what happens ,will happen… the book and review, these blogs and books are what keep me sane….thank you

  10. I’m separated so I’ll be happily spending the day watching the NBA All Star game!!! It’ll be a happy day!!!

  11. My boyfriend actually made dinner reservations for us for the first time in 7 years! we usually stay in on Valentine’s day and celebrate going to out to dinner on a different, less busy day. will be interesting to see how it goes!

  12. My husband and I will go out for a nice dinner and there might be a box of chocolates in my future, if I throw out enough hints!

  13. Since the weather in our area is predicted to be bad, we are postponing our plans. Otherwise we would have enjoyed a wonderful dinner together at a restaurant we both love. Afterwards we generally just take a ride or park along the lake shore and watch the stars.

  14. Our Valentine’s Day will be a bit atypical, but I’m delighted! Our 6 year old granddaughter will be spending the weekend with us. She bring pure joy and love whenever she visits. A really nice give away. Thank you Tonya.

  15. Single and my son will be with his father. Guess it will be a soup and grilled cheese night. Some reading and maybe Netflix.

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