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'Round Here

‘Round Here reminds me of the Florida Georgia Line song “Round Here”.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

‘Round Here

‘Round Here makes me think of where I live: small town USA for sure. I live in the same little town I grew up in. There are no stoplights. We are just a blip on a map. Sometimes, my town isn’t even listed on maps or on a GPS. We can’t order take-out for delivery, since no one delivers out here. Our town consists of a carryout store, a post office, a volunteer fire department, a legion, a bar, and a rod and gun club. They’re also building a dollar store, which is the first thing being built in our town in I couldn’t tell you how long.

I live on a hill right when you first come into town. From my little porch, I can see a good bit of the town. I have fond memories of growing up ‘round here. Though the schools are housed in new buildings, my children are going to the same schools I did.

However, with all the things my little town doesn’t have, there is a lot that it does. I have the good fortune of knowing just about everyone. My kids are in school with kids whose parents I went to school with. People come together to support one another in big ways.

‘Round Here, there is that small-town feeling. Things are relatively quiet. We do not have the same level or frequency of big city problems. I like that I can go to the grocery store the next town over and know everyone, from fellow shoppers to the cashier to the bagger. High school sports stars are our heroes.

‘Round Here, we may be small but we love big, work hard and fight for what we believe in. I’ll always be a small-town girl.

What about you? What do you think of when you hear the words ‘Round Here?

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