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Rushing to Die_CoverRushing to Die by Lindsay Emory
Sorority Sisters #2
Witness Impulse
December 29, 2015

“We’ll be sisters ’til we die…”

In the second installment of Lindsay Emory’s Sorority Sisters Mystery series, chapter advisor Margot Blythe must expose a sorority row assassin…before she becomes the killer’s next target.

Three months into her tenure as the Sutton College Delta Beta chapter advisor, Margot Blythe has the sorority in tip-top shape, just in time for sorority rush. Snapping and stomping in perfect synchronization, everyone is hopeful that after this rush, Delta Beta’s reputation as “the murder house” will be forgotten.

Until a body is found in the Delta Beta backyard. Again. The woman is found wearing a Delta Beta shirt, which is troublesome enough; even more distressing, no one in the chapter recognizes her. Unwilling to let a minor inconvenience like potential murder spoil the social calendar, Margot gladly hands off the investigation to local police cutie Ty Hatfield, while the Delta Beta girls throw themselves into rush preparations.

But when another body is found, with the terrifying possibility of more to come, Margot does the only thing a responsible advisor can do and demands that rush be canceled, making enemies in every house on sorority row. When the resulting furor starts to get dirty, it’s up to Margot to uncover some nasty messes tucked away in the sorority closets—to save her sisters’ reputations, and their lives.

A witty, engrossing mystery for fans of Susan McBride.

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Excerpt #1

Sorority women are exceptional in many respects. Our average GPA is generally higher than that of non-Greek women. We are leaders on campus and, quite frankly, the world (just ask Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, and Shonda Rhimes) We’re trendsetters in fashion and social events, and we have unbelievable motor skills.

Exhibit A: the bounce and snap.

A classic staple of rush, this move consists of an entire chapter’s bouncing and snapping in perfect synchronization, inspiring all who see it to be better people. Sorority women invented this choreography, along with the Ponytail Shake©, the Clap–n-Slide©, and the Weeble Wobble (Patent Pending).

All week long, the Sutton College chapter of Delta Beta had been practicing the bounce and snap along with their rendition of “Doncha Woncha Delta Beta,” the stirring anthem that Delta Beta sorority rushees everywhere would have rattling in their pretty little highlighted heads.
But today, something was off.

Okay. If I were being honest, something had been off for the past week. Even after all the rehearsals, the chapter still wasn’t able to snap and bounce to the beat of the ditty (which, let’s be real, was off tune). But I hadn’t been able to inspire them to achieve bouncing greatness, let alone reliable snapping proficiency, because I was too busy doing what chapter advisors needed to do before sorority rush: i.e., everything.

The chapter had just started the song from the top (for the forty-fifth time), when there was a high-pitched squeal behind me. “Are you kidding me? Really? Are you freaking kidding me?” The squeal was bad enough. Coming out of a megaphone, it made dogs’ ears perk up all the way in Charlotte. “You call that a bounce and snap? Mary Gerald Callahan would be ashamed of all of you!” The harsh words came from Ginnifer Martinelli, the Delta Beta sisterhood mentor assigned to help the chapter during rush. Bringing up Mary Gerald, the esteemed founder of our sorority, was tough talk, sure to make the ladies stop and think hard about their bouncing technique.

Three months ago, that would have been me, Margot Blythe, screaming through the megaphone. Well, no. I never used a megaphone while training sorority women; it’s my opinion that whistles are far more effective at catching young women’s attention.

“Margot!” Ginnifer screamed at me, and I could understand perfectly why the chapter was calling her “the Gineral” behind her back. Of course, I didn’t think that was appropriate. “The Martinet” was my nickname of choice for her.

But in front of the chapter, the sisterhood mentor and the chapter advisor had to keep a united front, and Delta Beta headquarters had assured me that Ginnifer had the most impressive record at helping struggling chapters succeed at rush. As a collegian, she had served as rush chair three years in a row at the University of Alabama, and by all accounts had brought in the highest-ranked pledge classes each year—documented on several fraternity message boards, with pictures featuring a lot of swimwear.

While I was appreciative of the fact that Ginnifer took the job seriously, organizing rush was nothing compared to what I had to go through when I had returned to Sutton College as a sisterhood mentor. On my first night, the chapter advisor died right before our eyes, and this house was changed forever. We had done everything in our power to distance ourselves from that horrible memory. We had a chapter retreat, completely reworked our Web site, and had a lot of late-night bonding sessions over Supernatural marathons. But some things were harder to get over than others.

About the Author

Lindsay_EmoryLindsay Emory is a native Texan and recovering sorority girl. She is also the author of the contemporary romance KNOW WHEN TO HOLD HIM.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

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