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Save Me by Kristyn Kusek Lewis – ReviewSave Me on 12/30/2014
Pages: 288
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What do you do when it's impossible to forgive?

Daphne Mitchell has always believed in cause and effect, right and wrong, good and bad. The good: her dream job as a doctor; Owen, her childhood sweetheart and now husband; the beautiful farmhouse they're restoring together. In fact, most of her life has been good--until the day Owen comes home early from work to tell her he's fallen head over heels for someone else.

Unable to hate him, but also equally incapable of moving forward, Daphne's life hangs in limbo until the day Owen's new girlfriend sustains near-fatal injuries in a car accident. As Daphne becomes a pillar of support for the devastated Owen, and realizes that reconciliation may lie within her grasp, she has to find out whether forgiveness is possible and decide which path is the right one for her.


Save Me by Kristyn Kusek Lewis is a story about many things – life, love, forgiveness and the power to move forward in spite of everything. Daphne is married to Owen and thinks they have a mostly perfect life together. Everything has gone according to plan except that they haven’t started a family yet. Daphne and Owen met as children at summer camp and then, against all odds, both became doctors and started doing their residencies at the same hospital. They reconnect at a sandwich shop and feel like they’re meant to be.

Daphne’s life is relatively safe. She feels comfortable, even complacent, with her life and her marriage. There is no spontaneity, no excitement. On Owen’s birthday, he drops a bombshell: he has had an affair. Daphne reels from this – she is a planner and everything is no longer going according to plan. Then, a tragedy occurs and throws everything for a loop. Daphne has no idea what to do, how to feel, or how to move forward with her life.

Save Me is raw, real and emotional. The author does an excellent job of illustrating Daphne’s feelings. Though I’ve never been married, I have been in a relationship where the other party was unfaithful. I was able to relate to Daphne and understand what she was going through. I really enjoyed the story and the twists and turns. This felt like a realistic journey through something that happens often. Many people will find this story easy to relate to. This was a quick read for me, and I felt like I didn’t want to stop reading until I found out what Daphne would ultimately decide.

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Overall: four-stars


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