A Second Bite at the Apple by Dana Bate – Review @danabate

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A Second Bite at the Apple by Dana Bate – Review @danabateA Second Bite at the Apple on November 25, 2014
Pages: 336
Format: Paperback
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Sydney Strauss is obsessed with food. Not with eating it--though she does that too--but with writing about the wonders of the gastronomic world, from obscure fruit hybrids to organic farming techniques. Since food journalism jobs are more coveted than Cronuts®, Sydney pays her bills working for one of TV's biggest egomaniacs--until she's left scrambling for shifts at a local farmers' market.

Stacking muffins for the Wild Yeast Bakery isn't going to win her any James Beard awards. But soon Sydney is writing the market's weekly newsletter, and her quirky stories gain attention from a prominent food columnist. After years of putting her love life into deep freeze, she's even dating again. And then Sydney gets a shot at the story, one that could either make her career or burn it to a crisp--along with her relationship and her reputation...

A Second Bite at the Apple by Dana Bate is a fun read from cover to cover. Sydney loses her job in TV and starts working at the farmer’s market. She’s been a foodie and wanting to work in the food journalism business but hasn’t ever caught a break. Until she starts writing again, and her name starts causing some buzz in the culinary reporting industry. I loved Sydney’s character – she is smart, inspiring and funny. I genuinely liked her right from the beginning and wanted the story to turn out well for her. I do like books that have food elements, but usually the ones I read with the food connection are cozy mysteries. This was a nice departure from that. I enjoyed the recipes at the back of the book as well. This light chick lit story is my introduction to Dana Bate and I would like to read more of her books.

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Overall: four-stars


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