Shifter Made by Jennifer Ashley – Mini Review

Shifter Made by Jennifer Ashley – Mini ReviewShifter Made on April 20, 2011
Pages: 49
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Alanna, sister to a Fae prince, is sent on a thankless mission--to return to medieval Ireland and coerce a Shifter to craft an incredible sword. Niall O’Connell, master sword maker of the old Kingdom of Ciarrai, hates Fae, resenting the time when Shifters were little better than Fae slaves. But Alanna's heartbreaking story and her beauty are difficult to resist. Together, she and Niall forge a sword that changes Shifter history, at the same time forging an unbreakable bond between their hearts.

This novella is prequel to the Shifters Unbound series, a standalone story that tells how the Sword of the Guardian came to be.

This is a 10,000 word novella.

Shifter Made by Jennifer Ashley is a prequel novella in the Shifters Unbound series. I wanted to read this series after seeing some great reviews over at The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog. I definitely enjoyed this novella. I felt it was a great introductory book and really drew me in and made me want to read more in the series. I’ve read reviews that say this prequel novella answered some questions that come up later, so I was glad to read it first.

Niall and Alanna, shifter and fae, are tasked with creating a sword for Alanna’s fae brother, Kieran. Kieran doesn’t predict that Alanna will fall in love with the shifter, or that she will change the spells in the sword so that Kieran’s plan is altered. Niall and Alanna were hot together and I enjoyed their story.

Rating Report
Overall: three-half-stars


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