Shrinking on a Budget: Meal Planning and Promo Code

Disclosure: I purchased my own subscription to Shrinking on a Budget because I love what they offer! Since I love it so much, I asked to be an affiliate to share their awesome meal plans with you. If you subscribe and use my code to get special pricing, I will receive a small commission from Julie. This doesn’t affect your meal plan price. Thanks for helping support Brooke Blogs!


Shrinking on a Budget: Meal Planning and Promo Code

Let’s face it…we are all insanely busy, especially at this time of year. Even so, I try to carve out a little time each week to sit and plan my family’s meals for the week because I know how important Family Dinner is in today’s crazy world. And while I know that planning my meals saves me money and makes family dinners more doable, it is a pain when I’m busy (which is almost always). And if you’re trying to lose weight or plan around a picky eater it gets even tougher!!

My friends at Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans can take that healthy meal planning stress off your hands – for good! For $1 a month! I use the meal plan service myself and the meals are delicious. They’ve all been a hit with my family, especially the beef stroganoff.

When you sign up for Shrinking On a Budget Meal Plans, EACH WEEK you will get:

2 complete breakfast recipes
2 snack ideas
2 complete lunch recipes
7 complete dinner recipes
Side suggestions for your dinners
Picky eater and non-dieter suggested tips for each dinner
2 dessert ideas with recipes
An itemized grocery list

Each meal comes with Points Plus, nutritional information and Picky Eater suggestions!! I love it! You can even check out a sample meal plan; my family particularly loved the (Note from Julie: insert a favorite recipe name here). If you use my name or promotional code, you get a full year for $12. That’s a whole year of meal plans D..O..N..E. And the beautiful thing is your family will actually EAT the meals. 🙂 Just click on the link below to get started. Just remember to use either my name or Promo Code: BrookeB. You’ll need it to get the special pricing.

Special pricing this weekend only…where else can you get so much awesome meal planning for just $10/YEAR?!

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