Silencing the Seam by Kathleen Groger – Guest Post + Giveaway @KathleenGroger

Silencing The Seam
Kathleen Groger
(Seam Stalkers, #2)
Publication date: October 18th 2016
Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Sam Drake thought she’d left the horrors of spring break and Defiance Castle behind her. But back home, the spirits swirling around her are more demanding, more aggressive.

Fear of being institutionalized by her skeptical mother drives Sam to follow her dad to New Orleans. There she hopes to take back control of her life. But the French Quarter and the cities of the dead have other plans. Hour by hour they drain her, making it next to impossible to fight off a ghost who is determined to use her for its own revenge.

Ensnared in an ancient power struggle where Voodoo rituals, betrayal, and murder rule, Sam must determine who to trust. One step in the wrong direction will lock her inside the Seam to walk among the dead for eternity.

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Sequel to:

I am so excited to welcome Kathleen Groger to Brooke Blogs. Kathleen, thank you so much for stopping by with such a fun guest post!

This is a Top 10 list of quirky thing about me I should probably not be admitting 🙂

1. I’m a tea addict. Hot black tea in the mornings and unsweetened black iced tea all day. Every day.
2. I can roll my tongue and play Jingle Bells by blowing out.
3. I love office supplies.
4. Odd jobs I’ve had: elf at the mall Santa station, bra fitter, wore a chipmunk costume as promotion for a resort.
5. One of my ancestors was tried as a witch – she was acquitted. She lived from 1620 to 1712. Here’s a link to her story:
6. I have an obsession with football and take my fantasy team very seriously.
7. I have no sense of direction. Nothing. Nada. Zip. GPS is the best invention ever.
8. I’m so punctual, I’m perpetually early. If I’m running late for anything, I get super stressed.
9. I have no musical talent (except for #2.)
10. My favorite foods are: french fries, dark chocolate, and pizza.

Thanks for having me!

Author Bio:

Kathleen wrote her first story in elementary school about a pegasus named Sir Lancelot. It had no plot or conflict, but it sparked a dream. After serving a fifteen-year sentence in retail management, the bulk in big box bookstores, she turned her love of reading into a full-time career writing dark and haunting characters and stories. She writes paranormal, fantasy, suspense, horror YA books. She is a contributing member of READerlicious, writers who love readers. Check out her blogs here.
She lives by the mantra that a day is not complete without tea. Lots of tea. Kathleen lives in Ohio with her husband, two boys, and two attention-demanding dogs. When not writing or editing or revising, you can find her reading, cooking, spending time with her family, or photographing abandoned buildings.

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