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Jun 21 2014

Bookish Memes – 6/21

Bookish Memes – 6/21

Bookish Memes!

First up, the weekly Book Blogger Hop from Coffee Addicted Writer. 🙂 This week’s question comes from Becca:

Do you prefer Nook, Kindle, other reader, or paper book?
Oh wow. This is a really hard question for me actually. I love, love, love holding a book in my hands. I love the weight of it, the feel of the paper, the scent. I love having that honest-to-goodness book to hug to my chest and feel while I’m feeling all the feels. But….BUT! That being said…I absolutely love my Kindle. I don’t like to be away from it and tend to carry it with me even when I know I can’t read in the car and …

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