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Aug 28 2013

Expected by Sarah England #BuyTheBookTours

Expected by Sarah England #BuyTheBookTours

Expected by Sarah England
Genre: Humorous Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Crooked Cat Publishing
Publication Date: June 28, 2013

Red Alert.

Sam Sweet is terrified of giving birth.

Only, she doesn’t dare tell anyone. Especially her grandchild-obsessed mother, or her fiancé, Simon – top surgeon by day, mind-game expert by night.

Repressed by the expectations of others, Sam feels trapped. All she ever wanted was a career and a crack at independence, but as a catastrophically failed psychiatric nurse who now injects fillers into the crinkled faces of unhappy women, a career is proving tricky. There’s something wrong with the product and now clients are suing.

Nasty work colleagues stir up scandalous gossip, and soon Sam hits rock bottom, consoling herself with button-popping chocolate binges and terrifying …

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