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Jun 22 2014

Detox (ahhh) Herbal Supplement Review #bioterraherbs

Detox (ahhh) Herbal Supplement Review #bioterraherbs

BioTerra Herbs produces herbal supplements for a variety of conditions, including snowring, immunity, stress, sleep and more. I received a bottle of the Detox (also known as ahhh) herbal supplement for review. Detox (ahhh) is formulated to eliminate toxins and provide gentle cleansing for your body. Here is the product info provided by BioTerra Herbs:

Your body is a temple and that temple deserves some Zen and spring cleaning from time to time. The problem is that most products want to consume your life, not just your toxins! No one has time for a 14-day cleanse! That’s 2 weeks of your life that you’ll never get back. That’s 20,160 minutes that are, POOF, gone! …

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