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Aug 31 2014

Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles – Review

Faucet Face Glass Water Bottles – Review

Disclaimer: I received the products shown below for review purposes. No compensation was received. This post contains an affiliate link.

Faucet Face is a company that produces terrific glass water bottles in an effort to curb the senseless use (and waste) of plastic water bottles. Their bottles are more than just pretty – reusable glass bottles feature a BPA free cap and allow you to refill to your heart’s content from your tap or water pitcher rather than using several plastic water bottles per day/week/month/year. In the past, I have been guilty of using plastic water bottles, and so has my family. I was really excited when I was approached by Faucet Face to do a review of their glass bottles.

This summer, my daughter Keira joined the cross country team at her school. Running a few miles each day, as well as doing different workouts and weight training requires lots of water, especially in the summer heat. She was thrilled to have her very own reusable glass water bottle. She is able …

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