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May 10 2015

PediaSwim #MomBuzz #PoolTime #Baby @pedia_swim

PediaSwim #MomBuzz #PoolTime #Baby @pedia_swim

I recently heard about a program called PediaSwim. PediaSwim is a program that teaches individuals to be infant and toddler swimming instructors. I had no idea there was a program like this! PediaSwim instructors are able to teach children a swim – float- swim technique for fun and safety. PediaSwim Instructors are trained and certified by Joy McGinty at SouthWest Aquatics in Florida.

Infant Swimming Instructor Certification takes place over the course of four weeks/five days per week. The Infant, Baby and Toddler Swimming Instructor Training Course is a comprehensive course, that trains you to work with children from ages six months to three years. I love that PediaSwim trains you one on one. …

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