Out Of The Darkness by Darci..

Out of the Darkness by Darcia Helle on Tour March 1-31, 2019 Synopsis: Gus wakes up in a dark void with no memory and no body. Screaming and cursing does him no good. He’s trapped, until he learns about one man who can help. Joe Cavelli is a PI who hears ghosts, solves their murders, […]

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Posted March 1, 2019

Beyond the Truth by Bruce Ro..

Beyond the Truth by Bruce Robert Coffin on Tour November 1-30, 2018 Synopsis: In this latest enthralling mystery from #1 bestselling author Bruce Robert Coffin, Detective Sergeant John Byron faces the greatest challenge of his career. When a popular high school senior is shot by police following a late-night robbery, chaos ensues. The actions of […]

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Posted November 16, 2018
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The Secluded Village Murders..

The Secluded Village Murders by Shelly Frome on Tour November 1-15, 2018   Synopsis: For tour guide Emily Ryder, the turning point came on that fatal early morning when her beloved mentor met an untimely death. It’s labeled as an accident and Trooper Dave Roberts is more interested in Emily than in any suspicions over […]

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Posted November 14, 2018
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Moon Games by Shelly Frome &..

Moon Games by Shelly Frome November 6, 2018 Book Blast Synopsis: At the outset, Miranda Davis has nothing much going for her. The tourists are long gone by October in the quaint Carolina town of Black Mountain, her realty business is at a standstill, and her weekend stint managing the local tavern offers little to […]

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Posted November 6, 2018
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Broken Windows by Paul D. Ma..

Broken Windows by Paul D. Marks October 30, 2018 Book Blast Synopsis: While the storm rages over California’s notorious 1994 anti-illegal alien Proposition 187, a young woman climbs to the top of the famous Hollywood sign—and jumps to her death. An undocumented day laborer is murdered. And a disbarred and desperate lawyer in Venice Beach […]

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Posted October 30, 2018

The Found Child by Jo Crow &..

The Found Child by Jo Crow September 18, 2018 Book Blast Synopsis: One mother’s life can change in the blink of an eye—and there’s no going back. Elaine’s worst fears become a reality when her beloved son Jakob is diagnosed with cancer. She needs to find a bone marrow donor, and time is running out. […]

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Posted September 18, 2018
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The Former Assassin by Nikki..

The Former Assassin by Nikki Stern on Tour August 1-31, 2018 Synopsis: Susan Foster wants to retire. Her boss wants her dead. After decades as Victor Kemp’s off-the books killer, Suzanne finally quits. Not until five years later does Kemp discover how thoroughly she’s deceived him. Determined to punish her, he tracks her to Wales […]

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Posted August 4, 2018

Tail Of The Dragon by Connie..

Tail of the Dragon by Connie di Marco on Tour July 16 – August 31, 2018 Synopsis: San Francisco astrologer Julia Bonatti never thought murder would be part of her practice, but now, Julia’s former boss and current client has asked for help. He has serious problems at his law firm. Two attorneys and a […]

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Posted July 30, 2018

The Consultant by Tj O’..

The Consultant by Tj O’Connor July 1-31, 2018 Tour Synopsis: Terrorism hits Main Street America When a rogue CIA consultant goes AWOL from his Middle Eastern post in response to his brother’s plea for help, he arrives just in time to witness his brother’s murder. For years, Jonathan Hunter and his brother Kevin Mallory had […]

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Posted July 19, 2018
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Bad Time To Be In It by Davi..

Bad Time To Be In It by David Burnsworth on Tour July 9 – August 10, 2018     Synopsis: The past is never past. Sometimes it repeats itself. And sometimes it comes back to pay a visit. Blu Carraway, flush with cash and back in business, never had it so good. Or so he […]

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Posted July 14, 2018
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