The Wedding Crasher by Nikki..

The Wedding Crasher by Nikki Stern on Tour June 1-30, 2019 Synopsis: A brunette in a bridal gown turns up in Pickett County, Tennessee, throat slit and ring finger missing. She’s the latest victim of the Wedding Crasher, a serial killer who murders women just weeks before their weddings. Samantha Tate is Picket County’s yoga-loving, […]

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Posted June 2, 2019

A Cloud Of Fraud by Linda Fe..

  A Cloud of Fraud by Linda Ferreri on Tour June 1-30, 2019 Synopsis: A man is shot dead in front of City Hall in Philadelphia where his family is tangled in a bitter lawsuit. One brave woman, drawn there by a work of art, finds herself following a twisted trail to the hills of […]

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Posted June 1, 2019

An Eye For A Lie by Cy Wyss ..

An Eye for a Lie by Cy Wyss on Tour May 27 – July 27, 2019 Synopsis: Lukas Richter is a San Francisco police detective with a cybernetic eye and heightened senses. He can detect the same autonomous responses as a polygraph machine, so he has a leg up in determining guilt. In An Eye […]

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Posted May 29, 2019

Below The Fold by R.G. Belsk..

Below The Fold by R.G. Belsky on Tour May 1-31, 2019 Synopsis: Every human life is supposed to be important. Everyone should matter. But that’s not the case in the cutthroat TV news-rating world where Clare Carlson works. Sex, money, and power sell. Only murder victims of the right social strata are considered worth covering. […]

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Posted May 16, 2019

Swann’s Down by Charle..

  Swann’s Down by Charles Salzberg on Tour May 1 – June 30, 2019 Synopsis: When Henry Swann is asked by his quirky partner, Goldblatt, to find a missing psychic who’s swindled his ex-wife out of a small fortune, he just can’t say no. Although he doesn’t actually expect to get paid, he figures it […]

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Posted May 8, 2019
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The Naming Game by Gabriel V..

The Company Files: 2. The Naming Game by Gabriel Valjan on Tour April 22 – June 22, 2019 Synopsis: Whether it’s Hollywood or DC, life and death, success or failure hinge on saying a name. The right name. When Charlie Loew is found murdered in a seedy flophouse with a cryptic list inside the dead […]

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Posted May 3, 2019

Strong As Steel by Jon Land

Strong As Steel by Jon Land on Tour April 22 – May 25, 2019 Synopsis: Tough-as-nails Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong returns in this electrifying ninth installment of the series, by USA Today bestselling author Jon Land 1994: Texas Ranger Jim Strong investigates a mass murder on a dusty freight train linked to a mysterious, missing […]

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Posted April 27, 2019
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The Buried Girl by Richard M..

The Buried Girl by Richard Montanari on Tour March 1-31, 2019 Synopsis: A haunting, nerve-jangling psychological thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Richard Montanari, set in a small town hiding a very dark secret New York psychologist Will Hardy had it all—a loving family, a flourishing career, a bestselling book. Until the night it all […]

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Posted March 31, 2019
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Dead in a Week by Andrea Kan..

    Dead In A Week by Andrea Kane on Tour March 18 – April 19, 2019 What would you do if your daughter was kidnapped and given only a week to live? Lauren Pennington is celebrating her junior year abroad when life comes to a screeching halt. At Munich’s Hofbräuhaus, she engages in an […]

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Posted March 26, 2019
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Dangerous Flaws by Susan Hun..

Dangerous Flaws by Susan Hunter on Tour February 1 – March 31, 2019 Synopsis: A chilling murder shocks a small Wisconsin town. True crime writer Leah Nash is stunned when police investigating the murder of a beautiful young college professor focus on her ex-husband Nick. Leah has no illusions about her ex, but despite his […]

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Posted March 24, 2019