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May 15 2014

Spell It Out Challenge – #BoutOfBooks @kimberlyreads

Spell It Out Challenge – #BoutOfBooks @kimberlyreads

Alright, so after the storm fiasco yesterday leaving me with no electricity or internet…meaning no participating in challenges…:(…I’m back! Woohoo! And I’m excited to participate in the Spell It Out Challenge, hosted by Kimberly at Kimberly Reads. Be sure to head over and check out her post on the challenge.

For my challenge, I am going to list books that I want to read to spell out my name. I’m going to use just books on my bookshelves though! More specifically…my ‘cozy mystery’ bookshelf. Then you can maybe see how sad it is that I have hundreds of physical books I haven’t yet read. We’re not even going to touch my number of ebooks. *Sigh* Anyhow lol…here goes!


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