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Jul 31 2015

Wish For Me by A. Star @DianthaJones

Wish For Me by A. Star @DianthaJones

Wish for Me by A. Star
The Djinn Order #1
Publication date: April 27th 2015
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Steampunk

Three wishes. Two lovers. One destiny.

When the snarky Glory St. Pierre discovers the gold mechanical vase in her deceased grandmother’s basement, she has no idea that she has uncovered a priceless treasure: a genie lamp. With a real genie inside. A very sexy genie with a not-so-sexy grudge against the entire human race.

Irving Amir hates being called a genie. He’s a Djinn, and he is none too happy to be in the service of Glory, who is as intolerable, and beautiful, as humans come. Now he owes her his gratitude for freeing him and three wishes. Damn his luck.

But an arrow through …

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