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Aug 02 2014

Younique Giveaway

Younique Giveaway

Younique Giveaway Sponsored by Vicki’s Younique
Hosted by Deals of Sweetness
Co-Hosted by Pea of Sweetness

Younique’s simple three-step process combines Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes. Watch as your lashes transform into something you have only dreamed of! The 3D Fiber Lashes are water resistant but easily washes off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day. Try it! It will quickly become your favorite makeup must-have!

I have seen the Younique Fiber Lashes and have been really intrigued by them. I definitely want to give them a try. I don’t usually have much luck with regular mascara – …

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