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We received a free Talk to Santa Live Video Conference in exchange for sharing our honest thoughts on the service. Our opinions are our own and were not influenced in any way. No monetary compensation was received for this post.


Even though Halloween isn’t quite here yet, we are thinking about Christmas in our house. I think that has something to do with the Christmas decorations already available for purchase at just about every store! Last year, we were lucky enough to have a live video conference with the one – the only – Santa Claus! The awesome site Talk to Santa lets you and your kids have the holiday experience of a lifetime.

My younger daughter, Natalie, is not usually a fan of meeting Santa at the mall for a photo. She will hide behind me or throw a fit, and I’m never sure which until we get there. 😉 Last year at Christmas time, when I heard about the opportunity to try out Talk to Santa, I wasn’t sure how Natalie would react. She was a bit shy at first, but she really opened up as Santa talked with her, her sister Keira, and of course, me. 🙂

Screen shot of our Talk to Santa live conference!
Screen shot of our Talk to Santa live conference!

It was very easy to schedule our live video conference with Santa. We just visited the Talk to Santa site, created an account, filled it all out and scheduled our live conference! You can fill in information specific to your family and your location. We even had an internet issue and were a little late getting to our conference. No problem – the elves at Talk to Santa were GREAT and responded within moments when our internet came back up. We were able to start our conference a few minutes beyond schedule, but Santa didn’t seem to mind.

What I enjoyed most was seeing my children’s faces light up as they realized that we were on with Santa live. We weren’t just watching a video, they were actually able to talk with Santa back and forth. Santa was wonderful. He was conversational and he even sang a Christmas song with the girls. I was very impressed with our live video conference. Santa spoke with us for about 10 minutes. Santa was the real deal. He looked, sounded and acted just like Santa would. I also loved that our video was instantly available for download following our conference. We were able to download, share and watch our video again and again. At just $24.95, you can create an unforgettable holiday memory for a special child in your life.

There are even other options available, such as a personalized recorded video. You can purchase gift certificates as well. That would make a wonderful gift for a special niece, nephew or grandchild. And you can even join in on the conference with Santa and the lucky child if you purchase an additional location spot.

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift – one that is more of an experience than a cheap toy that will soon be lost or broken…then please check out Talk to Santa live. You will be as impressed as we were. My children still talk about their Santa video and we watch it regularly. There are also fun games, stories and more to do with your kids at the Talk to Santa site.


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