Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies App by Sprite Labs – Review

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I was delighted to download the FREE Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies App by Sprite Labs. I knew this was something that both my tween daughter and my toddler would enjoy, and I was right! They both have spent lots of time playing with Anya. She is adorable! One of our favorite features is that she repeats what you say. It’s so cute! It is fun to dress her up and change her hair styles. You can also feed her snacks…Natalie loves giving her strawberries.

The Talking Anya Dressup & Pet Puppies App by Sprite Labs is an iOS App available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is a free app that you can download in the App store. There are premium purchase options to enhance game play, including unlocking additional clothing items and puppies. There is the option of unlocking different items via social share…a parent can answer a math equation and then choose to share little Anya to Facebook, allowing them to unlock additional items.


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Some unique features of the app: Talking Anya is the only 3D Dress Up Doll with Pets in the App Store. You can change her hair style and color, dresses, and the color of her eyes.She sings and dances, too. Kids can play games with her and her pet puppies. There are 5 puppies in all these need to be purchased. She can be dressed up as a fairy, bee, princess, lady bug, Cinderella, santa and Rudolph. She has her own winter wear with boots!! She can also be tickled – her little laugh is so cute!

Download link | Anya on Facebook | Sprite Labs


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