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Welcome! You may know me as Brooke from Brooke Blogs. I’m expanding my brand to include my newly launched virtual assistant & author services company, The Bee’s Knees VA. As a virtual assistant, I offer many online services that save you time and money. You no longer have to spend hours dealing with your e-mail account, posting to social media, or interacting with your followers on social media. I can take care of that for you. My goal is pretty simple: I want to take care of the small stuff, so you can focus on what you love!

Services Offered:

• E-mail Management

(reading, organizing, and/or responding to your e-mail)

• Social Media Management

(taking care of your social media posting)

• Social Media Interaction

(liking, commenting, replying, and interacting with your fans)

• Author Services

(see below)

• Content Creation

(looking for blog posts/articles/reviews/roundups? I can help.)

And more!

How does it work?

It’s easy! Contact me using the form below. We will discuss exactly what you are looking for in a VA and your budget. I love being able to tailor services into bundles to save you money. I can explain exactly what each service offered entails. If you have something that you need help with that isn’t listed, please get in touch with me. If I can do it, I will…if not, I am happy to offer a referral to someone who can.

I do offer a 2 week trial period to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Who can use Virtual Assistant Services?

Everyone! 🙂 Bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, large business owners, etc. Anyone who desires having more time available by delegating tasks can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant.

Why me?

I may be new to the virtual assistant world, but I am no stranger to working online from home. I have been a blogger for over 4 years. I have worked online in a variety of customer service fields. I also have experience as an office assistant. I am confident I have the skill set you are looking for in a virtual assistant. I am also on Facebook and Twitter as The Bee’s Knees VA.


“Brooke’s services have freed me up to write more, which is always my goal! She’s helpful, inventive, and organized, and has helped me reduce my stress level and reach more of my readers.”

~ Misty Evans, USA Today Bestselling Author

Please contact me using the form below. If you can’t see the form, please click HERE. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any difficulties, please e-mail me. Thank you for your interest in The Bee’s Knees VA Services. I look forward to saving you time and money!

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Author Services

Do you have a book release coming up? Or do you just want to get the word out about earlier books? I can help! I have 4+ years of blogging experience, which includes a great deal of book promotion. I also work at the library. My whole world revolves around books! 😉

I will promote your content on my Brooke Blogs social media channels. I have over 17k Twitter followers, 13k Facebook fans, and 2k+ Google+ followers. I’m also open to sharing on my Instagram account as well (over 2800 followers) and pinning to my Pinterest (over 7k followers). Check out all of the awesome book promotion packages that The Bee’s Knees VA has to offer:


Here’s the breakdown of what you get:

Bzzz Packages

Mini Book Bzzz ~ 2 custom teaser graphics; 2 tweets; 2 Facebook posts; 2 Google+ posts
Big Book Bzzz ~ 4 custom teaser graphics; 4 tweets; 4 Facebook posts; 4 Google+ posts
Mega Book Bzzz ~ 6 custom teaser graphics; 6 tweets; 6 Facebook posts; 6 Google+ posts
Epic Book Bzzz ~ 7 custom teaser graphics; 7 tweets; 7 Facebook posts; 7 Google+ posts; 1 hour Facebook Event of your choice (can be a Facebook party or a book discussion party). You provide the info, prizes and help line up guest authors (optional) ~ I’ll take care of the hosting! This includes posting in the event group leading up to the party to build even more bzzz)
Colossal Book Bzzz ~ 7 teaser graphics; Once daily tweets, Facebook posts & Google+ posts during your release week; 3 tweets, Facebook posts & Google+ posts throughout your actual book birthday; One sponsored Facebook post with your choice of teaser graphic + mini synopsis/buy links that I will pay to promote; 2 hour Facebook event
Whole Hive Book Bzzz ~ Everything in the Colossal Book Bzzz Package plus 2 extra social media posts per day during release week (total of 3 tweets, Facebook posts, and Google+ posts per day); one spotlight/excerpt promotional post on Brooke Blogs on a date of your choosing (within the top 3 posts of the day on my blog)
Swarm Book Bzzz ~ Everything in the Whole Hive Book Bzzz Package, plus I will set up and help promote a Thunderclap campaign. (For a successful Thunderclap campaign, you will also need to share to your networks to get as many sign-ups as possible.)

Monthly Subscription Packages

Worker Bee ~ 4 custom teaser graphics/month; 8 tweets, Facebook posts, and Google+ posts (twice per week)
Drone Bee ~ 6 custom teaser graphics/month; 12 tweets, Facebook posts, and Google+ posts (three times per week)
Queen Bee ~ 8 custom teaser graphics/month; 16 tweets, Facebook posts, and Google+ posts (four times per week)

À La Carte Options

Purchase one of the Bzzz packages or Subscription packages and add on any of these items:

Additional teaser graphic: $5
Facebook, Twitter or Google+ cover: $5
Additional tweet, Facebook post & Google+ post: $6
Facebook Cover on Brooke Blogs featuring your book/teaser & synopsis/buy links in the description: $10/3 days or $25/week Please note: no erotic/suggestive book covers.
Sponsored Facebook post: Includes 1 teaser graphic + mini synopsis/buy links + I will pay to have the post promoted on Facebook for 3 days: $20 (additional days/prices available, just let me know!)
One and a Half Hour Facebook Event: $110; additional hours at $50/hour (Special: 5 hour party for $240 ~ you get one hour free!). Includes 2 custom teaser graphics & promotion of your event on my social media pages
Facebook Online Book Club/Read-along Event: Want an event centered around your book? An online book club is a great way to do that. Rates begin at $100 and depend on length of event (from 1 day to a week)
Blog Spotlight/Excerpt Post on Brooke Blogs: $45
Thunderclap Campaign Creation/Management: $40 (Please note: You will need to help share to get people signed up in order to make your campaign successful!)
Sidebar Ad: Includes 1 custom teaser graphic + 1 week of sidebar space on Brooke Blogs for $40; 2 weeks for $60; 3 weeks for $75 + you receive an additional week free.

Create Your Own Bzzz Package

Don’t see what you’re looking for, or want to create your own combination of services? Let’s chat! We can work out the perfect package for your price range.

Please Note: I do not promote erotica, horror or dark/offensive stories on my blog or social media sites. However, I have no problem working with you to promote those items on your own channels. Thank you for your understanding.

You can sign up for Author Services by filling out the form above or by e-mailing me. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.

Additional Services

I also offer Facebook group management. If you would like someone to help admin your street team group or e-mail list, I’m your girl! E-mail me for rates.

Discounts available when you purchase multiple services!

The Bee's Knees VA

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