The Coal Thief by Alane Adams – Holiday Gift Guide Children's Book Review #BBHGG15

The Coal Thief by Alane Adams - Holiday Gift Guide Children's Book Review #BBHGG15

I received this book for free from . This review is voluntary. My opinion is not influenced in any way.

The Coal Thief by Alane Adams – Holiday Gift Guide Children's Book Review #BBHGG15The Coal Thief on November 17, 2015
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
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Brrr! Georgie wakes up to a freezing morning in 1920s Pennsylvania and gets the bad news that there is no coal to heat the farmhouse―and he knows there is no money to buy more, either. Just after he finds this out, along comes his friend Harley, who drags him off on an adventure to find some mysterious “black gold.” Before Georgie can catch his breath, he’s in a pile of trouble―all the way up to his ears! Take a trip back in time and join Georgie in this heartwarming tale of mischief made and lessons learned in America’s storied past.

USA Best Book Awards: Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction, Finalist

The Coal Thief by Alane Adams is a children’s picture book set in 1920s Pennsylvania. It is winter, and Georgie’s family is obviously struggling. Georgie is cold, they have no coal in the stove and his toes are poking through his boots. When his friend Harley stops by to take him on an adventure, Georgie goes along.

Harley’s ‘adventure’ turns out to be Georgie stealing coal from a passing train. When the train starts up again and Georgie is stuck in the coal car, he is scared of what will happen. His Papa comes along just in time and teaches Georgie a powerful lesson about caring for others ahead of yourself.

The Coal Thief by Alane Adams is recommended for ages 4-8. I read this with my 4 year old daughter and she really enjoyed the story. It held her attention and she liked Georgie. When we neared the end of the story, she had a big smile on her face at how the story turned out. We live in an area with several coal mines and can relate to the setting and the characters in the story. This is one that is going on our ‘keeper’ shelf. Children everywhere can learn the important moral of the story. The Coal Thief by Alane Adams would be a wonderful Christmas gift for any child in the recommended age group or even a little younger. The illustrations are beautifully done by Lauren Gallegos.

About the Author

Alane_Adams_1Alane Adams is a children’s author, professor, and literacy advocate. She is the author of the Legends of Orkney fantasy mythology series for tweens; she also writes Early American picture books for young children. Adams lives in Southern California.

I received a copy of the book for an honest review. Because I enjoyed the book and my child did as well, I am recommending this book on the Brooke Blogs Holiday Gift Guide.


Rating Report
Overall: five-stars


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  1. Sounds like a fascinating book, it’s refreshing; most children stories sugar coat the past and this does not.

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