The Corpse With the Diamond Hand by Cathy Ace @AceCathy

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corpsediamondhandThe Corpse with the Diamond Hand by Cathy Ace
Cait Morgan #6
Published October 13th 2015 by Touchwood Editions

The sixth instalment in the Cait Morgan mystery series, a classic whodunit featuring an eccentric and funny female sleuth set on a Hawaiian cruise ship.

Cait and Bud have set sail on a romantic and worry-free Hawaiian honeymoon cruise, but when a man drops dead at their card table, Cait can’t help but lend her expertise. The sudden death appears to have been from natural causes, but Cait suspects something sinister, and with only two days left at sea—and thousands of possible suspects—she and Bud join the head of security in an investigation. However, the unique circumstances of an at-sea investigation mean their involvement cannot be official, and Cait must lean on her charm to conduct her own covert interviews.

The case of The Corpse with the Diamond Hand will have you marvelling at Cait’s cleverness as she brings yet another murderer to justice.

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The Corpse With the Diamond Hand by Cathy Ace is the sixth book in the Cait Morgan series. Whenever a new Cait Morgan book comes out, I know I to expect an intelligent mystery solved by a great sleuth. I have truly come to love Cait’s character in the time that I’ve been reading this series. Cathy Ace has a wonderful gift for writing a smart mystery that keeps me guessing throughout. This is one of those books that once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down.

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