The Corpse With the Sapphire Eyes by Cathy Ace – Review, Guest Post, Giveaway

The Corpse With the Sapphire Eyes by Cathy Ace - Review, Guest Post, Giveaway

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The Corpse With the Sapphire Eyes by Cathy Ace – Review, Guest Post, GiveawayThe Corpse With the Sapphire Eyes on May 1, 2015
Pages: 240
Format: eARC
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It's Cait and Bud's wedding weekend and for the first time she feels like a bride—or at least, she's supposed to. But then the rain won't quit, the supposedly romantic Welsh castle feels creepy, and there's a dead body on the stairs.

What first appears to have been the untimely, unfortunate, and accidental death of their wedding choirmaster quickly reveals itself to have been a murder. And when a series of mysterious events occur around the castle, Cait, Bud, and Cait's sister Sian tackle the case of The Corpse with the Sapphire Eyes, attempting to solve the mystery before another sinister event can ruin their destination wedding.

The fifth Cait Morgan mystery will have you stumbling to catch up to Cait's brilliant mind, and keep you guessing until its shocking conclusion.

About time…

When I wrote a guest post here when THE CORPSE WITH THE GOLDEN NOSE was published I knew that Cait Morgan’s life was going to go in a certain direction – she’s my creation after all! – but, of course, I wasn’t able to say too much about my plans for her. What I did say was that readers couldn’t expect Cait to change too fast, because only a few months of her life pass between books, as opposed to how time passes for the rest of us – and none of us changes a great deal in just a few months.

While that’s still true, maybe now’s a good point at which to take stock. THE CORPSE WITH THE GOLDEN NOSE was released in March/April of 2013, but the timeframe within the book was Easter 2012. The timeframe in the book that followed, THE CORPSE WITH THE EMERALD THUMB, was June 2012 and THE CORPSE WITH THE PLATINUM HAIR is set in September 2012. Now, with THE CORPSE WITH THE SAPPHIRE EYES, Cait Morgan and Bud Anderson have made it to the end of a very momentous 2012, and, in the last days of that year, they travel to a cliff-top castle in Wales to be married (no real spoilers here, as the jacket notes for the book reveal this much). Thus, for the characters only nine months have passed, whereas, for the rest of us, it’s a whole two years!

Has Cait changed? Well, her circumstances certainly have, but I’ve worked hard to allow her to still be herself. The last time I visited this blog I wrote about the ways in which Cait Morgan and I were similar – and different. Here’s another similarity we have – she’s been a professional, single woman until well into her forties, as was I, and she’s now having to face life-changes that are both a joy, and a challenge. It’s not easy to become half of a committed couple when, for more than four decades, you’ve been able to be just yourself. I’ve now been married for ten years, and I cannot imagine not wanting to be my husband’s wife. Cait? Well, you’ll discover in this book that she still has quite a bit of “stuff” to deal with from her single life before she can possibly settle to being Mrs. Anderson…indeed, she might not even become Mrs. Anderson at all!

The Corpse With the Sapphire Eyes by Cathy Ace is the fifth installment of the Cait Morgan series. This is one of my favorite traditional/cozy mystery series. Cait is such an intelligent woman, and she is a perfect match for Bud.

One of my favorite things about this series is that Cait and Bud are always off in some exciting location! It’s great to be able to read about their adventures in fun settings. No matter where they go, trouble follows, and Cait and Bud find themselves investigating a murder. I love that both Cait and Bud are ‘real’ people. They seem like such a great couple who I would like to live next door to – if they weren’t always discovering bodies!

This series is a must buy for me, and The Corpse With the Sapphire Eyes confirmed that for me once again. This was such a fun read for me. Can’t wait for more adventures with Cait and Bud!

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Overall: five-stars


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  1. I like the book cover very creepy looking 🙂 The thought of being inside that castle gives me the chills. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of the book 🙂

  2. I feel I can really relate to Cait – I didn’t marry the love of my life until I was 43, it was quite the adjustment, but well worth it!

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