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MediaKit_BookCover_TheSugarspearChroniclesThe Sugarspear Chronicles by Nicole Arlyn
Genre: Fantasy

The Sugarspear Chronicles, the incredible twenty-six-novella saga that started with a little girl and her willow tree, is finally available in one complete collection.

The Sugarspear Chronicles: The Complete Collection is the story of young Sadie Sugarspear, a girl who endures intolerable abuse by reading about a fantasy world filled with incredible sights and outlandish people—a place she’s only ever encountered through her real father’s storybook.

One day, when the cruelty becomes too much to bear, Sadie runs away and hides inside her beloved willow tree. To her surprise, the tree opens, sending Sadie down into the abyss, into a land she’s only ever read about—where she must being a long, terrifying, and heartbreaking journey home.

Readers can now enjoy the entirety of author Nicole Arlyn’s dark fantasy saga in one complete book. This complete collection also includes a note from the author detailing the inspiration and events that led to The Sugarspear Chronicles.


Excerpt Four:

She stood up, carrying with her this vision of a place she was seeing in her mind. It was a beautiful room, wide and spacious with a breeze of roses entering through a clear window. A hand carved wooden desk sat under the window and on top of the desk was a pile of fresh parchment and a big clear jar of dark purple ink. A pen with a blue feather sat on top the paper.

That was all. All she needed now. In this moment, a desire so strong rose up in her and lifted her spirit. She desired this place, this ink, and that’s all. Her body was done. It had exhausted itself, a physical exhaustion beyond anything she had felt, like she had run hundreds of days without stopping. She rested her head against the tree. The bugs spread apart and stopped crawling as they felt in her breath, the kind of truth that is undeniable. The truth of her exhaustion. She told them all, “If only I could have, a quiet place all my own where I can write by the sunshine, the smell of the sea in the wind that comes to me.”

The bones were breaking under her feet, the bones in her hands, crushing as she pushed again. Nothing left. No human strength in her.

But the tree. The tree had strength to feel her. It knew her hands, her breath, it had taken her stories, her secrets, her prayers. It always heard her. It shaded her from her shady world. It danced its branches around her and swung with her when she swung from the swing that was no more. It knew her roots. It couldn’t hold onto itself like she couldn’t. It wanted to speak back to her and this would be its way…

About the Author

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_TheSugarspearChroniclesNicole is a writer and an actress born in Brooklyn, New York. She has worked in films such as Clay Pigeons, opposite Joaquin Phoenix; The Wedding Planner; and Brooklyn Bound, among many others. She has performed, written and directed theater productions in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe. She has also read her poems in many poetry lounges in Europe and America, and is a song lyricist for musicians.

After living in Rome, Italy, for the past several years, Nicole has returned to New York City where she lives with her husband and son. She is at work on more novels.

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    1. Darlene! I feel the same way. I never ever ever get tired of fantasy it makes my life fuller and richer and more beautiful. I feel I have endless stories in me. and like Sadie, I wouldn’t mind being swallowed by a willow tree. I think I have been!

    1. Amy! I have been writing all of my life, far as I can remember, scribbling things and started little stories I think I was four or five… because I spent most of my life as an actress it took me time to sit down and write novels. Before that I was writing plays and poetry….

    1. Karen! I have my plate full and overflowing indeed! especially being a mom to a 17 month old and trying to find time to write and do life… but it’s all blessed and I’m very greatful!

    1. Cindy! This book absolutely comes from my personal experiences but really dramatized. I went into a lot of fantasy as a child to cope with different things I could not handle emotionally… and also for the pure beauty and joy of it. The writing was memorabilia and also fantasy put together. Sadie the main character goes in and out of imaginary and real worlds (but the imaginary becomes real for her)… to deal with all she feels and loves.

  1. Brooke! So thrilled to know you thank you! Looks awesome. Would looove to chat with you too. The books are about a young girls journey to find love and beauty through very dark roads. I think they are important for children, and adults, especially who have endured and overcome many deep things…they are full of fairy tale and hope…I have loads to tell of them and if you want we can talk more!

  2. Wonderful feature and giveaway. Nicole is certainly extremely talented and exceptional I have relatives who are Arlin and lived on Long island.

  3. I think many children and adults survive what seems like insurmountable problems by escaping into the pages of a book. Books bring hope.

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