What An Animal Reading Challenge 2016


I’m signing up to participate in the What An Animal Reading Challenge 2016, hosted by Yvonne at Socrates’ Book Reviews. This challenge is so fun and it is easy to incorporate this challenge with others. The concept is simple – you must read at least 6 books that meet the following qualifications:

-there is an animal in the title of the book

-there is an animal on the cover of the book

-an animal plays a major role in the book

-a main character is (or turns into) an animal (define that however you’d like).

I’m signing up for level 1 – Read at least 6 books. I’ll be keeping track of my progress on this post.

Level 1
1) Cinnamon Toasted by Gail Oust features Piper’s dog Casey
2) Death in A Major by Sarah Fox features Finnegan the dog 🙂
3) Stabbing in the Senate by Colleen J. Shogan – Kit has a rescue beagle named Clarence (and he’s on the cover)


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