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Yarned and Dangerous Cover (use this one)Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell
A Tangled Web Mystery Book 1

Time has not been kind to sleepy Dorset Falls, Connecticut, where an erstwhile resident is hoping to bring a tattered yarn shop back to life—but with a murderer on the loose, the whole town is in knots…

Josie Blair left Dorset Falls twelve years ago in hopes of making it big in New York City. But after earning an overpriced master’s degree and getting fired by a temperamental designer, she finds herself heading back to her hometown. Her great-uncle was injured in a car accident, and newly unemployed Josie is the only person available to take care of him. Uncle Eb’s wife didn’t survive the crash, so Josie is also tasked with selling the contents of her Aunt Cora’s yarn shop. But the needling ladies of the Charity Knitters Association pose a far bigger challenge than a shop full of scattered skeins…

Miss Marple Knits is one of the few businesses still open in the dreary downtown. Josie can’t imagine how it stayed open for so long, yet something about the cozy, resilient little shop appeals to her. But when one of the town’s most persnickety knitters turns up dead in a pile of cashmere yarn, Josie realizes there’s something truly twisted lurking beneath the town’s decaying façade…


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1) What does your writing area look like? Feel free to include a picture!
Sadie's deskI don’t have a dedicated office in my house. I work at a roll-top desk in a corner of my little-used dining room. The desk has lots of little cubbies and nooks and crannies and drawers and doors to hold my stuff, and its compact size forces me to keep that stuff to a minimum if I don’t want to get overwhelmed with clutter. Though, if it gets too ugly, I can just close the lid!

2) What do you love about being an author?
Other than, uh, everything, LOL!? I love being able to share the stories in my head with other people. I love putting together the puzzles that make up my mysteries. I love working from home! And most of all, I love meeting readers, who are the reason I can do what I do. So thanks!

3) Did anything influence your book Yarned and Dangerous?

My love of yarn shops and knitting were a definite influence. And my heroine/sleuth’s great-uncle, Eben Lloyd, is a not-even-thinly disguised tribute to my late grandfather. Though as far as I know, he did not have any longstanding feuds with a neighbor!

4) Do you have any interesting writing quirks?
I always have a drink of something at hand, usually ice water or coffee, sometimes tea. I often use a timer to keep myself writing quickly and efficiently in spurts, and to keep myself from getting distracted. And I like to have my mascot, Mystery Sheep, with me.

5) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I like to cook, knit or crochet, work in my garden (I’m not a great gardener, but I’m trying to learn), listen to audiobooks while I take long walks, travel with my family, and watch historical documentaries and dramas.

6) What are you working on right now?
I’m finishing up the second book in the Tangled Web Mysteries, then I’ll be diving into a novella I plan to self-publish early next year.

7) Have you read any great books lately? Please share a great book or author recommendation.
I’m a huge fan of Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Spyness series. I’m just about to start her latest, Malice at the Palace. Highly recommended!

8) If you could write from anywhere in the world, where would you write from?
My cabin on a remote lake in New York State. I love it there; it’s beautiful, secluded and quiet, and there is no internet or cable. If I were anywhere else, I’d want to see the sights and meet the people and I’d never get anything done!

9) Do you have any pets?
I do! I have a tuxedo cat named Elvira, or Ellie for short. She looks exactly like the cat on the cover of Yarned and Dangerous and was the inspiration for Josie’s cat Coco. We also have a tank full of guppies upstairs, and a tank full of minnows downstairs, that my husband and son couldn’t bear to kill after a recent fishing trip.

10) What would you be if you weren’t an author?
An archaeologist. Or a linguist. Or a travel writer. Or a historian. I have lots of interests 🙂

This or That:

Coffee or Tea: Coffee, though I do like tea a lot, too.

Sweet or Salty: Sweet, though lately I’m really liking sweet and salty together. This new caramel-and-sea-salt craze is one I can definitely get behind.

Pen or Pencil: Pen. Hate pencils. Too much maintenance with all that sharpening.

Summer or Winter: Winter! Snow doesn’t bother me, especially since I have a built-in snow removal unit at my house (able-bodied son and husband, LOL!). And I don’t like the heat and humidity at all.

eBook or Physical Book: Physical, though I don’t mind eBooks at all.

Can you sum up Yarned and Dangerous in just one sentence?

Failed fashion designer Josie Blair reluctantly returns to her hometown to care for her crotchety great-uncle and close up a yarn shop, but when a murder happens, she finds herself tangled up in the investigation.

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you lots of success with the release of Yarned and Dangerous. 🙂

About the Author

Sadie Hartwell Author PhotoSadie Hartwell grew up near the Canadian border in northern New York State, where it’s cold, dark, and snowy almost half the year—a perfect environment for nurturing a simultaneous love of mystery fiction and needlework. She attended St. Lawrence University, graduating with a degree in history, and has worked as a waitress, handbag designer/manufacturer, paralegal, and copy editor before turning to writing full time. Now she gets to play with yarn and make up stories whenever she wants, and wishes everyone had a job as much fun as hers.

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  1. I loved the interview. I read an ARC of Yarned and Dangerous and it is a wonderful read. I’d love to add a print copy to my bookshelf and, since I’m a knitter, be able to see and do the patterns. I’m anxiously looking forward to reading Sadie Hartwell’s next book.

  2. Love the interview, I love the comment about the fish tanks, I could see me doing something like that, you hear about pet rescue but seldom hear about it being fish. I’m always a fan of this and that, I find myself answering in my head. Congrats on your release!

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