Zaycon Foods Review

I participated in a US Family Guide program where I was provided with the opportunity to try Zaycon Foods in exchange for sharing information with you about the company and writing the Zaycon Foods Review. This post contains affiliate links.


Earlier in the summer, I posted about Zaycon Foods. Click HERE to read my previous post. What most intrigued me about Zaycon Foods is the uniqueness of the program. Zaycon Foods holds sales events around the country. You can check out the site to order from their current events. A Zaycon Foods truck travels to different areas of the country to a designated area to drop off the food.

I ordered a case of fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts from Zaycon Foods. It was really easy to check the site for a delivery location near me. A case of chicken, which is 40 pounds, is very reasonably priced. I ordered the chicken and eagerly awaited the delivery date. There’s no need to worry about forgetting to pick up your order. I received a few text message reminders in the days leading up to the pick-up date, with the last reminder coming shortly before the designated pick up time.

I arrived at the pick-up site and waited with many other people who had also ordered. I received another text message that the truck was running 10 minutes or less behind. I loved getting that update! It let me know what was going on. The truck arrived less than 10 minutes later, right on schedule. The delivery drivers checked my name and even carried the case of chicken breasts to the car for me.


It was a really great experience!! It was fast, convenient and a great value. I can say now that I am a fan of Zaycon Foods, and really look forward to the next time I can order from them. They offer a variety of other items throughout the year as well. How did the chicken breasts taste? They were fantastic. I used them like I would use chicken breast for anything out, and the results were wonderful. The chicken was flavorful and, with just some trimming of fat, the perfect addition to any dinner. I definitely recommend Zaycon Foods!


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