Review: BattleGoats Card Game #BBHGG16

I received a deck of BattleGoats cards for free in the hope that I would review them on my blog. No compensation was received and my opinion was not influenced in any way.

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So, just what is it? According to, BattleGoats is a goat filled modern combination of classic card games like Memory and War. Players alternate turns in card battle to determine a winner using the highest number value. Number values change as the game goes on. The person with the last card in play wins.

BattleGoats is a card game recommended for ages 9+. It is intended for 2-6 players and takes between 5-30 minutes to play. My fourteen year old daughter and her friends played it during teen night at the library. It was quick for them to pick up the game and they were laughing and having a lot of fun. The characters on the cards are awesome.

BattleGoats Collage

At just $20, BattleGoats makes for a unique gift that keeps you thinking as you try to strategize. I love games as gifts, and definitely recommend this one to the young teen set. You can pick up your own deck of BattleGoats cards by clicking here.


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