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BeforeVengeanceCoverSmashwordFinalBefore Vengeance by Louisa Lo
Cosmic Balance #0.5
Genre: New Adult/Urban Fantasy

What if everything you’ve ever known, down to what you are, was a lie?

Growing up in the enchanted kingdom of Dualsing, seventeen-year-old Lady Serafina has always known she’s different. Her fae power never manifested itself during puberty, and her parents treated her like a tolerated houseguest rather than family. Even her childhood sweetheart, Crown Prince Eldon, distanced himself the moment he was old enough to know the secret about Serafina that everyone in their world seems to know—except her.

Now her upcoming birthday is being treated as a national holiday by the very people who’d neglected her, Eldon is in for a political battle of his life that she’s somehow being dragged into, and Serafina is developing abilities that feel terrifyingly right, but aren’t fae power at all.

As she starts to investigate her origin, Serafina has no idea she would be setting in motion events that would have far-reaching consequences not just for herself, but for all the planes.

Note: Before Vengeance is a prequel of Vengeance Be Mine.

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All I Really Need to Know in Writing and Self-Publishing I Learned from My Cat

by Louisa Lo

Here are some wonderful lessons I learned from my feline overlord:

1. Focusing on the sunbeam. My cat is a sunbeam chaser. Even on the most overcast days, he always manages to find the single ray of sunshine that makes it into the house, and lies directly in it. That’s how I approach my readers and reviewers. Every sale is precious, and every review, good or bad, is a cause for celebration. In this business it’s easy to become negative, but I insist on finding that little spot of sun.

2. Picky eater. My cat is very choosy about what he puts in his mouth. He is no slave to treats and something would really have to catch his fancy to make it into his stomach. I’ve come to realize that not every idea that comes into my head is good enough to be turned into a full book, so I choose where to spend my time carefully.

3. Shameless. My cat is totally shameless when it comes to demanding attention. He believes wholeheartedly that he deserves to be petted, and it’s my lucky day when he’s in the mood to let me do it. Using the same logic, I, too, arrogantly believe that I have something worthwhile to say—I have to, or else why spend countless hours putting words down when I could be watching Buffy reruns?

4. Believing in the fantastic. My cat, being indoors all his life and helplessly declawed by a previous owner believes that every animal out there, from raccoons to stray dogs, wants to be friends. He presses his nose to the window glass in the dead of night and meows at all his potential friends. Like my kitty who believes in fantastical creatures such as wild-animals-who-won’t-fight-him-for-his-food, I strive to create worlds with mythical creatures with whom I wouldn’t mind becoming friends.

5. Know when to accept defeat, and when to bounce back. With my cat’s kidney issues, he has to be injected with subcutaneous fluids twice a day. He puts up with it, then runs off when he’s reached his limit. I try to do the same with editing. I hunker down and revise when it is necessary, but I let my books go before they get over-edited. It’s all about conserving enough energy to write another day.

6. Put his own stamp on stuff. When a new item arrives in the house, my cat rubs his fur all over it to make sure it smells like him. Some say that in writing there are no new ideas left, but the devil is in the execution. Like my cat, I always try to put my own spin in things. New adult? Sure. How about if she’s trying to get a college degree on vengeance?

7. Persistence. And that’s the most important lesson of them all. My cat will sit in front of a door and meow nonstop until someone opens it for him. He could go all day (and does). Eventually, someone gives in and does his bidding. Now if only I could figure out how to do virtual meows to potential readers without being charged with cyber stalking…

About the Author

Louisa“Louisa Lo has an exciting new voice to bring to urban fantasy and a fun and breezy writing style that kept the pages quickly turning well into the night! I need more!” –Michelle Rowen, National Bestselling Author

Louisa Lo lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband, an aristocratic cat, and more cardboard boxes than she cares to unpack. She decided to write about vigilantes, because it seems like a better life choice than trying to become one and landing herself in jail. She just has that kind of luck.

Please visit to learn more about Louisa and her books.

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  1. Lol this is so funny! I also have an indoor cat and she always get either totally freaked out or way overdramatic about other animals she’ll see out of the window. It’s like an alien world for them out there!!

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