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BCAA_Cover_Front_for_webBlack Cat and the Accidental Angel by Elaine Faber

When their carrier is left behind following an MVA, Thumper awakes with amnesia. His companion says, “Call me Angel, I’m here to take care of you.” Why she won’t share their history or tell him his real name is a mystery.

No sooner than the cats are taken in by John and his daughter, Cindy at a vineyard and Emu farm, strange and progressively harmful pranks begin to occur, threatening Cindy’s safety. A surprising discovery and an unexpected meeting with a stranger brings about changes to their lives. Black Cat (Thumper) struggles to remember his past and yearns to return to his family, but Angel insists they must stay and help John resolve his financial troubles. As the summer progresses, Black Cat experiences despair, shame, loss, and finally acceptance and joy. But, when a final threat to Cindy arises, Angel risks her life to protect the child she has come to love, and Black Cat learns there are more important things in life than knowing your own name.

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Reading Outside Our Preferred Genre
Elaine Faber

We all have specific genre we prefer to read, whether romance, western, sci-fi, cozy mystery or thriller. As an author, our novels are likely written in our own preferred reading genre. But, many of us have author-buddies whose novels are written in another genre, completely contrary to our specific interest.

It is customary to attend our author-buddy’s book launch and purchase his/her book to show our support. We hope they will reciprocate and support us, come to our book launch and buy our books, even knowing our titles may not be their preferred reading genre.

So, now we’ve supported our friend, bought his/her book, lugged it home and placed it on a shelf where it draws dust and fly-specks over the next few months.

So here’s the question. Is it enough to support our author-buddy and buy her book? Do we actually have to read it now, too?

I think we do.

If you don’t, sooner or later, our dear author-buddy, whom we wouldn’t hurt for the world, will ask, “Did you finish my book yet? How did you like it?” Her heart will stop for a quarter of a beat, hoping for a compliment but dreading our answer. She’s heard it too many times before. Your face goes pale and you say, “Uhh…I haven’t had time yet.”

What your author-buddy actually hears, is, “Wasn’t it enough that I went to your stupid launch party with kittens and balloons, spent my hard earned money, lugged home your stupid (fill in the blank with correct genre)_…cat–vampire–drippy romance–ghostly killer– poetry–Shoot um’ up cowboy–kiddie picture, etc. book? Did you really expect me to read it too?”

“Well, yes,” she answers,” I read your stupid book and wrote an Amazon review.”

So, it’s time to get out the glass of wine, grit your teeth and crack open your author-buddy’s book. You know and I know we don’t expect it to be nearly as clever, interesting, humorous, thrilling, romantic or as well-crafted as OUR novel, but what the heck. Do it for your friend.

You might be surprised when you actually enjoy reading another genre. Like trying a new food you thought you’d hate, or dyeing your hair a different color, or going to a ballet or a drag race or anything else you didn’t think you’d ever like, but forced by a loved one to try something new, you found you actually liked it.

Maybe her book will make you laugh, or you’ll learn something new about the themed concept behind
the story, or you’ll shed an unexpected tear over a particular phrase or description. You finish the book and come away with a new appreciation for your author-buddy.

When did she say the sequel was coming out? Maybe you’ll just take a quick peek when it comes out…

Not because you LIKE that genre, mind you, but just to be supportive, like a good friend is supposed to be.

About the Author

BootsElaine Faber’s short stories are published in magazines and multiple anthologies. She is an active member of Sisters in Crime, Inspire Christian Writers and Cat Writers Association.

Elaine is author of the Black Cat Mysteries involving Thumper, the cat who solves mysteries with the aid of his ancestor’s memories: Black Cat’s Legacy; Black Cat and the Lethal Lawyer, and Black Cat and the Accidental Angel.

Elaine lives in Elk Grove with her husband of 51 years. (That’s a marriage of 51 years, not a husband of 51 years). They share their home with four house cats, the inspiration for her Black Cat Mysteries. A portion of the sales proceeds goes to animal rescue programs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my thoughts on reading books other than the style we like and for supporting our friends who write in a different genre. Hope your guests will buy my book and enjoy the adventure.

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