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  1. Hello ,

    I am reaching out on behalf of science fiction author Erika Erickson Malinoski and our publicity team at Novel Cause, LLC. We admire the way you express yourself and inspire authenticity in your audience and would love to send you a free copy of their book Pledging Season, the first book in the Under Other Moons series. Would you be interested in reading this and sharing your thoughts?

    More info:
    On a world long-lost to Earth, brilliant scientist Ya’shul has everything a man could ask for: the honor of caring for his family, the opportunity to help conceive children, and a groundbreaking chance to prove he’s just as good at science as any woman. Despite the matriarchy he lives in, he’s poised to have it all—until the woman he loves gets sole credit for the discovery that should have made his career.

    Only one person truly values what Ya’shul can do. Wanderer Andeshe knows the looming solar storms will destroy her people’s nomadic way of life—unless she and Ya’shul can work together to save the giant pterosaurs her family depends on. But as the unlikely allies plunge deeper into a web of shifting loyalties, ruthless politics, and fragile trust, they must wrestle with the toughest question of all. When is the price of success too high to pay?

    I think you’ll enjoy the adventurous combination of science fiction, feminism, and restorative justice, as well as how relevant and crucial the themes in this book are to our target audiences.

    Where would be the best address to send this?

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Arley Concaildi (they/them)
    Novel Cause, LLC Founder & CEO
    (on behalf of Erika Erickson Malinoski)

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