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150About Catch A Wolf

Raine, Ly’Tana and the others escape Brutal’s trap, but with dire consequences. Kel’Ratan has been grievously injured, and Rygel must take him to safety to save his life. Yet, they are not out of danger. A monstrous storm called the Wrath of Usa’a’mah has halted their flight from Khalid and they must seek shelter within a remote monastery or die under the storm’s power.

But High King Brutal has allied himself with the deadly assassins, the Shekinah Tongu. The secretive clan has sworn out a Blood Oath against Rygel in retaliation for his leaving their brothers in the forest to die. With their hellish hounds and Brutal’s dark wizard, Ja’Teel, they track Raine and Ly’Tana through the devastation left by the storm. Raine leads them into the west, toward Ly’Tana’s home of Kel’Halla, with Brutal’s menace confronting them at every turn.

As he finds himself falling in love with the exotic Ly’Tana, Raine is plagued by a mysterious voice in his head. Is he going crazy? In Raine, Ly’Tana discovers the one man she cannot live without. However, an evil entity has targeted Ly’Tana, bent on her destruction. How can Raine, Rygel, Kel’Ratan and her griffin bodyguard, Bar, keep her safe from its vast, unseen power?

Hunted by Brutal and his evil allies, Raine, Ly’Tana and their friends discover a new, and very strange, force dogging their trail – a pack of enormous, cunning wolves. Mysterious wolves who call to Raine in the night, and bring alive the secret he’s kept hidden, even from himself. Taunted by nightmarish visions, Raine is forced to confront his own dark demon – the beast within himself.

Who will catch Raine and Ly’Tana first? Brutal and his pets – or the wolves?

Thus begins the second novel of the Saga of the Black Wolf series.


150About A Katie Rose

A. Katie Rose is a Colorado native, and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado. She enjoys riding, teaching and learning from horses, likes camping, reading novels, watching movies and, of course, lives to write fantasy books. She currently works as a photographer in San Antonio, Texas, and is a slave to her six cats and four horses. “In a Wolf’s Eyes” is her first novel.

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Book Excerpt from Catch A Wolf

Raine no longer slouched in a half-conscious daze. He stood erect, his hands bound and chained behind his back.

Chains looped over and around his chest and shoulders. They might not have been there at all if one looked at his eyes.

His eyes were alive, alert and seriously pissed off. Weirdly grey and ringed in black, but Raine’s no longer. These were flat, inhuman, and deathly, deadly cold. The eyes I met in Lionel’s royal court in what seemed a lifetime ago. A gladiator’s eyes. A killer’s eyes. His eyes were a wolf’s eyes. His eyes were the still, chilling eyes of a born predator.

The warm, humorous, loving Raine disappeared. The bloody Wolf returned.

While Brutal and I conversed like civilized people, the beast rose from the shadows and darkness.

In the distance, the wolves howled.

“What are you talking about, Wolf?” Brutal asked, once more playing the polite.

Raine nodded toward Ja’Teel. “He’s well aware of ehlu’braud’s nature.”

Ja’Teel snorted. “So you can feel one another, so what? Rygel can’t find you, even if he’s still alive.”

“Oh, he’s alive, all right,” Raine replied. “He’s on his way as we speak.”

Brutal and his pet exchanged glances. Of course, Brutal shrugged. What else would he do? “Even if he’s alive, he cannot possibly get here before I marry her. We’re leagues from where we, er, picked you up.” He tittered. “And we’ll be on our way to Connacht shortly after the ceremony.”

“Connacht?” I asked, confused.

“Yes,” Brutal said brightly. “I have ten thousand troops in the surrounding areas. I plan to restore the rightful King of  Connacht.” Laughing, he offered a half-bow to Raine. “Always glad to help a friend.”

“You can’t invade with a mere ten thousand,” I scoffed.

“Oh, there’ll be more joining us, I assure you.” His dead, yet very much alive eyes, rested on me. “The Kel’Hallans.”

“Never,” I hissed. “They won’t follow you.”

“They’ll obey the King.”

“You aren’t going anywhere.” Raine’s wolfish growl tore my attention from Brutal.

“You’re tiresome,” Brutal said impatiently. “Silence, or I’ll have you gagged.”

“Your pet forgot something,” Raine went on, implacable.

“What might that be?” Ja’Teel snapped.

“I carry his blood.”

“What does that mean, his blood? Whose blood?”

Ja’Teel’s eyes widened in sudden comprehension and dawning horror. He understood very well, very well indeed.

“What’s he talking about?” Brutal demanded.

“I have magic in my fists.”

In a wild attempt at bravado, Ja’Teel sneered. “So? You don’t know how to use it.”

With a flat cracking sound, the chains suddenly broke and fell from Raine’s huge arms, his immense shoulders. They dropped in a steely slither to land at his feet. As though in relief from their obnoxious weight, Raine’s huge arms rose and stretched languidly over his head.

In the same instant, Shirel leaped away from Arianne. Her fangs bared in a silent snarl, she bolted swiftly to Tenzin’s side. He received her with a quick glance and a hand to his sword as Raine dropped his arms to his sides.

Instantly, his huge, bare muscled arms flexed. His hands clenched into huge fists.

Fists of rage.

As though an explosive device had been dropped among them, the guards surrounding him suddenly flew out and away, uniforms shredded. Most dropped bonelessly to the ground many rods away and lay still. A few more energetic of the troopers moaned and tried to get to their feet, blood pouring from their eyes and ears.

“You -“

Brutal managed only the one word.

The ropes broke from my bound wrists. I glanced down in time to see them slither and flop like dead snakes at my feet.

“Well now,” Raine drawled, “does it work something like that?


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