C is for Commit – Blogging from A to Z #FitReaders

Day 3 of the Blogging from A to Z challenge brings us to the letter C. C is for Commit to exercise in April. I am linking up with That’s What I’m Talking About and The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog to commit to getting fit. #FitReaders is where it’s at. 🙂 I commit to working … Read More

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Blogging From A to Z – April 2015 Challenge

I am really looking forward to participating in the Blogging From A to Z April 2015 Challenge this year. The challenge basically encompasses blogging every day of April (except Sundays). The challenge? Each day your blog post needs to correspond to that day’s letter. April 1st is something with the letter A, April 2nd is … Read More

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Mini Winter Bloggiesta 2015 – Finish Line #bloggiesta

Well folks, it’s all over. The Mini Winter Bloggiesta 2015 is officially in the history books. How did you do? Did you complete all your #bloggiesta tasks this time around? I didn’t, but I think I did fairly well! I actually got several things done that I wanted to, and scheduled more posts than I … Read More

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Comment Issues

So sorry for the recent comment issues. I have no idea what happened. I use FeedPress for my blog subscriptions, and I haven’t changed any settings there or in WordPress. For some reason, anytime someone tried to comment or send in a contact form or book review request, there would be an error popup requiring … Read More

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