Christmas in the Highlands by Suzy Henderson – Blitz & Giveaway

Christmas in the HighlandsSuzy HendersonPublication date: December 12th 2021Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance When Niamh Macdonald’s world crumbles, her roots call her home. A feel-good holiday romance set in the Scottish Highlands at Christmas. When artist Niamh Macdonald uncovers her boyfriend’s affair, she leaves her job and city life behind and flees home to the sleepy … Read More

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Holiday Express Series by Shanna Hatfield – Blitz & Giveaway

Holiday HopeShanna Hatfield(Holiday Express, #1)Publication date: December 7th 2021Genres: Holiday, Romance Infuse your holidays with hope and humor in this sweet western romance from Shanna Hatfield Left alone in the world after losing her parents, Cora Lee Schuster travels across the country to the newly-established town of Holiday, Oregon, to become a mail-order bride. She … Read More

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Type X by M.A. Phipps – Blitz & Giveaway

Type XM.A. Phipps(Project W.A.R., #2)Publication date: March 26th 2021Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult Feared by many. Frightened of few. Torn between humanity and the monster she’s become. When Wynter surrendered to the DSD two years ago, she thought she was protecting her friends. Lured by the promise of a cure, she hoped she might finally be … Read More

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Christmas in Smithville by Kirsten Fullmer – Blitz & Giveaway

Christmas in SmithvilleKirsten Fullmer(Hometown, #4)Publication date: November 30th 2017Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Holiday, Romance Even though Gloria is determined to change her reputation, most of the women in town still think she’s a tramp. Sure, she may have dressed a little flashy and dated pretty much every single guy in town, but that’s the past. Now … Read More

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Frozen Agenda by Maureen A. Miller – Blitz & Giveaway

Frozen AgendaMaureen A. Miller(High-Risk Agenda, #3)Publication date: September 30th 2021Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense A mysterious coin leads two strangers on a daring journey to an uncharted island. I am being followed… That was the cryptic note that accompanied the ancient coin Zachary Selmon examined in his campus office. An archeology professor by day and a … Read More

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The Grove by Karri Thompson – Blitz + Giveaway

The GroveKarri ThompsonPublication date: September 21st 2021Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Entering the woods is forbidden. To go in can mean a fate worse than death. At least that’s what seventeen-year-old Laura has been told. But living in a new town with nothing to do, she ignores her mother’s dire warnings and explores the forest near … Read More

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Ultraxenopia by M.A. Phipps – Blitz & Giveaway

UltraxenopiaM.A. Phipps(Project W.A.R., #1)Publication date: December 1st 2020Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult Betrayed by Family. Tortured by the Enemy. Destined to Destroy the World. Wynter Reeves lives by three rules: Don’t stand out. Blend in. Remain invisible. In a world where individuality is dangerous, being forgettable keeps her alive. Until she begins showing signs of a … Read More

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Charm Wars by Dan Lutts – Blitz & Giveaway

Charm WarsDan Lutts(Charm Wars, #1)Publication date: September 2nd 2021Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Welcome to Caldon, a land of mages and magic, where the noblesse possess massive political and magical power and destroy anyone who threatens the noblesse way of life—especially the commoners. Rill Larkin, the son of a commoner blacksmith, has high ambitions. To be … Read More

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Rumpled Rhett by Rachel Rossano – Blitz & Giveaway

Rumpled RhettRachel Rossano(Once Upon a Duchy, #3)Publication date: August 31st 2021Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Romance Rhett is a Huntsman, skilled, secretive, and mysterious. A wanted man, he spends his life on the move. His sole retreat is the outskirts of an isolated village in the northern reaches of the duchies. Then one fall, he arrives … Read More

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Written For You by Robin Bielman – Blitz & Giveaway

Written For YouRobin BielmanPublished by: Entangled: AmaraPublication date: August 23rd 2021Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance Cam Radcliffe is on a deadline to write his next blockbuster action film, but all he can think about lately is writing romance. The inspiration? His best friend, Reese. They’ve known each other for years, but suddenly working in the … Read More

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