Crime Scene Connection by Deena Alexander – Spotlight

Crime Scene Connection (Love Inspired Suspense) by Deena Alexander About Crime Scene Connection Crime Scene Connection (Love Inspired Suspense) Inspirational Romantic Suspense Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (January 12, 2021) Mass Market Paperback: 224 pages ISBN-10: 1335404996 ISBN-13: 978-1335404992 Digital Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (January 1, 2021) ASIN: B089RLTK6L Her writing was fiction,   until a … Read More

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Oware Mosaic by Nzondi – Spotlight & Giveaway #UMustReadOwareMosaic

Title: Oware Mosaic Author: Nzondi Published: September 20th, 2019 Publisher: Omnium Gatherum Media Genre: Science Fiction Synopsis: Decades after a cataclysmic nuclear war, Ghanaian scientists develop technology that stores consciousness onto data orbs called retcons. Seventeen-year-old forensic specialist, Feeni Xo, is an Enhuman (a radiation-enhanced metabolic human) that, similar to a vampire, needs blood for … Read More

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Gown With the Wind by Stephanie Blackmoore

Gown With the Wind by Stephanie BlackmooreA Wedding Planner Mystery #4Kensington • December 18, 2018 Professional wedding planner Mallory Shepard knows her job is challenging under any circumstances. But when the groom is your ex and someone invites murder, there may never be another tomorrow . . . Mallory’s fine—really—handling the wedding arrangements for her … Read More

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A Timeless Celebration by Dianne Ascroft

A Timeless Celebration (Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries) by Dianne Ascroft   About the Book A Timeless Celebration (Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries) Cozy Mystery 1st in Series Self Published (October 25, 2018) Print Length: 245 pages ASIN: B07HF847NN A small town, a big party, a stolen gift. When an artefact from the Titanic is stolen before … Read More

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Spotlight: Author Rachael Anderson #FallingInLove $25 Giveaway

  My Brother’s Bride by Rachael Anderson Abigail Nash leads a lonely existence. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father’s business dealings took him away more often than not, and her ailing great-aunt, unable to provide much in the way of companionship, was a lack-luster guardian at best. So when her dear friends … Read More

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