Coffee is Murder by Carolyn Arnold – Review

Coffee is Murder by Carolyn Arnold - Review

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Coffee is Murder by Carolyn Arnold – ReviewCoffee is Murder on May 27, 2015
Pages: 155
Format: eARC
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A cup a day won’t kill you, but a few might.

Their first case as private investigators have Sean, Sara, and Jimmy neck-deep in coffee beans trying to find a killer. With their client certain that her mother was poisoned through her coffee of the month club, it has them setting out to Williamsburg, Virginia. But instead of approaching matters from the traditional standpoint, Sean and Sara brew a robust plot and stir Jimmy into the blend, all to get close to their top suspect and grind out the truth.

Going undercover at Tasty Beans, the coffee company, the three of them work to expose the culprit before anyone else dies.

Coffee is Murder by Carolyn Arnold is the ninth installment in the McKinley mystery series. I have previously read book eight in the series, Valentine’s Day is Murder, and enjoyed it. You can see my review here. In the McKinley mystery series, we follow Sean and Sara, two cops turned billionaire private investigators. Though it seems a bit far-fetched, the concept actually works really well for the story.

In this entry in the series, Sean and Sara have taken on a client named Sophie. Sophie is convinced her mother was murdered by cyanide poisoning courtesy of Tasty Beans flavored coffee-of-the-month club. Sean and Sara follow the clues and even go undercover to try to sort the case out. I really enjoyed the mystery of the case and felt the author did a nice job of telling the story. I like the characters as well. Some of the dialogue feels stilted, but overall, the writing is solid and makes for a good story. I recommend these to anyone who enjoys shorter (under 200 pages), fast-paced cozies. I will be reading more in this series.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars


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    1. You’re welcome! Lol this is definitely a fun series. Even though I’ve only read two stories so far, it’s one I will be turning to when I want a quick, satisfying cozy.

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