{Guest Post} How Not to Commit Murder by Robin Storey

How Not To Commit Murder FinalHow Not to Commit Murder by Robin Storey
Comedy Crime
Date Published: April 14, 2013

Career conman Reuben Littlejohn is determined to go straight this time after his release from prison, with the help of his new wife and her wealthy family.

But he hadn’t counted on stumbling across a plot to kill his parole officer Lucy, with whom he is madly in lust. The instigator, nefarious criminal Frank Cornell, blackmails Reuben into becoming his accomplice. The only way he can save Lucy is to pretend to go along with Frank’s Operation Luce End, while making sure it doesn’t succeed. Never have his skills in lying and cheating been so vital!

But if Reuben’s plan fails, it’s his life at stake as well as Lucy’s. Add to the mix a wife who’s trying to mould him into a pillar of respectability and in-laws who think he’s a lost cause, and Reuben soon discovers that going straight can be murder.

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Guest Post

My Ten Favourite Books

It was a mammoth task to cast my mind back over all the books I’ve ever enjoyed and pick ten, as any avid reader would agree.

These are the ten I picked today – tomorrow’s list would probably be completely different.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. The story of the friendship between a young Afghan boy and his father’s servant. This eloquently-written, moving novel kept me engaged with its flowing, absorbing narrative. I also enjoyed learning about the Afghan culture and history.

Lilian’s Story by Kate Grenville. An Australian novel inspired by a real character, about a woman who begins her life as a respectable middle-class citizen and ends it as a famous eccentric on the streets of Sydney. Another engrossing narrative, the poignancy expertly conveyed. The sort of story that lingers in your mind.

Zigzag Street by Nick Earls. Another Aussie novelist. (Being an Aussie, I’m nothing if not loyal!) This is his first novel. The plot is simple – a young man is trying to come to terms with his relationship break-up – but there are plenty of laughs and aha! moments where you recognize yourself.

A Snowball in Hell by Christopher Brookmyre. This comedy crime novel is a brilliant satire on the modern celebrity culture – not only does it keep you laughing, but the twists and turns in the plot keep you guessing till the end.

One Day by David Nicholls. A couple meet once a year, on the anniversary of the day they met. A funny, bittersweet story that made me laugh and cry. The book is much better than the movie.

Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding. I read this years ago, and as the forerunner of ‘chick lit,’ it was an original, funny but starkly honest account of the life of a young, contemporary woman.

The Deeper Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. Described as a ‘dictionary of things that there aren’t words for yet.’ The authors have taken the often bizarre names of real towns all over the world and invented meanings for them, such as Spofforth – to tidy up a room before the cleaning lady comes.

Breath by Tim Winton. A coming of age story of two teenage boys and their friendship with a veteran champion surfer and his bitter wife. Atmospheric, magnificent description, full of tension. The ocean is a character in itself.

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkein. I also read this a long time ago, and while it took time and patience to get through the first few ‘setting up the story’ chapters, it was well worth it. I was completely transported into a whole other world.

Feel the Fear by Susan Jeffers. Of all the self help books I’ve read, this is the one that has resonated most with me. A profound, but practical book on how to confront your fears and act in spite of them. The author describes how her philosophies changed her own life and how you can do the same.

Are any of these books on your list of ten favourites? Do you have others you’d like to share?

About the Author

Robin Storey is a freelance and creative writer from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. She’s published a number of short stories and comedy crime How Not To Commit Murder is her first novel. Her comedy romance novel Perfect Sex will be published on Amazon in August 2013.

Robin enjoys bushwalking and relaxing at the beach and would love to have the time to do more of both. She also loves travelling and is planning her next big adventure – doing the Camino Frances pilgrimage across Spain. She’s also an avid reader (of course) and her favourite authors include Colin Bateman, Christopher Brookmyre, Nick Earls and Nick Hornby.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RobinStoreywriter

Twitter https://twitter.com/RobinStorey1

Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/112965761114777383158/

Wesite: www.storey-lines.com

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