Confessions of a Red Herring by Dana Dratch

Confessions of a Red Herring by Dana Dratch

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Confessions of a Red Herring by Dana DratchConfessions of a Red Herring Series: A Red Herring Mystery #1
Published by Kensington on May 29, 2018
Genres: Mystery
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: a book tour, NetGalley
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As a reporter, she’s used to covering the news.

Now she’s the headline.

Alex Vlodnachek has been a reporter for 12 years, a P.R. rep for three months, and a murder suspect for all of 24 hours. When her agency's double-dealing CEO is stabbed, scheming co-workers cast the new redhead as a compelling red herring. The story is media catnip—especially her salacious nickname: Vlod the Impaler.

Even Alex has to admit she looks guilty.

Out of a job and under suspicion, Alex is running low on cash, when she’s visited by a second disaster: her family. Soon her tiny bungalow is bursting with her nearest and not-so-dearest. To keep herself out of jail—and save what’s left of her sanity—Alex returns to her reporting roots. She goes undercover to reclaim her life, break the story, and unmask a murderer. Pretty much in that order.

What she doesn’t know: The killer also has a to-do list.

And Alex is on it.

Character Interview with Alex Vlodnachek

1) Alex, what made you want to be a reporter?

Well, I’m kind of nosy. So the idea of being able to ask questions for a living was appealing. I also felt like it was a way to contribute and make the world a little better. Plus, have you ever been in a newsroom on deadline? Electric.

2) If you could instantly solve one problem in your life, what would it be?

Let the entire world know that I didn’t kill my late boss, Everett Coleman. Or sleep with him. Or even like him.

3) What’s your go-to dinner recipe?

Pizza delivery. I know three different take-out numbers by heart.

4) What does a typical day look like for you?

Hard to say. One minute, I’m teaching my brother’s puppy, Lucy, how to walk on a leash — the next I’m crashing my late boss’s wake trying to get a lead on who really killed him. My life is fresh out of normal at the moment.

5) Who do you turn to when the going gets tough?

My family. They might be crazy, but they’re always there for me. (Whether I like it or not.) And my best-friend, Trip. He comes from a close-knit family, too. And despite the Southern Gothic prerequisite assortment of kooky aunts, crazy uncles, and oddball cousins, Trip is one of the most well-adjusted, down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. Not that he’d ever admit it.

6) Finally, when can we visit with you again?

I’m told SEEING RED comes out in June of 2019. In it, I’m tangling with spies, art thieves and a very determined killer. With more than a little help from Trip, Lucy, and the rest of my family. I also learn a little more about Ian – the B&B owner across the street. And my mother comes for a visit. Between you and me, I’d rather deal with the killer.

My Thoughts

Confessions of a Red Herring by Dana Dratch is the first book in the new Red Herring Mystery Series. After refusing to “play nice”, Alex loses her job…and nearly loses her freedom when she is framed for her former boss’s murder.

This book had lots of elements that I loved! A great mystery with lots of unsavory characters who could be the guilty party. I loved all the humor. So many great laugh-out-loud moments. Baba was a hoot! This is one of those books that I wanted to keep reading just as much for the characters as for the mystery. I already can’t wait to read the next book with Alex and the gang.

Note: This book does have language (the f-word once, as well as some strong name-calling). I would consider this book more straight mystery than a cozy mystery due to some of the crime details as well as the use of language. The language use isn’t excessive; however, I don’t typically expect any of the “stronger” language in cozies.

About the Author

Dana Dratch is a former newspaper reporter and current personal finance writer. When she’s not finishing Seeing Red — the next Alex Vlodnachek mystery — you’ll spot her byline on a host of top news sites. You can learn more about her mysteries at

Blog: “Red Herring Confessions” at
Goodreads author page:

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