DIY 2015: Bathroom

One of the things I am hoping to do in 2015 is work on some things around our home. We have a limited budget and neither of us are skilled in home renovation or design. However, we still want our home to have a look that we enjoy and still be functional. Since we are not really able to tackle big projects on our own, we are focusing on smaller things that we can do.

The faucet in our bathroom is the one that has been in there for as long as I can remember. My dad owned the house before I bought it, so it’s been the same faucet for several years. It’s just a chrome finish faucet, nothing fancy. My tastes are different though and I would love something like the bathroom faucets available from Danze. One of my favorites is the Melrose™ faucet in the Brushed Nickel finish. I like that it has a classic look, yet is still elegant.
We also want to get new light fixtures in the bathroom and install an exhaust fan. We currently have too much moisture in the bathroom without an easy way of venting it. These are all projects that I believe we would be able to complete as beginning DIY-ers. The biggest project for a bathroom renovation would have to be replacing our tub and shower area. Our bathroom has the same bathtub it has had since at least the 1970s, and it is avocado green. Thank goodness we have a new toilet now, as that used to be the same lovely shade of green. 😉 I really like those all-in-one bathroom remodeling companies like Bath Fitters that come in and replace your tub and shower area in just one day, by placing the new tub/shower right over the old one.

Do you have any DIY 2015 plans? Any tips for bathroom renovations by beginners? Let me know in the comments – I can always use some tips and tricks to help us get the job done in the best way possible.

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