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A Gentleman Never Tells by Eloisa James @AvonBooks @EloisaJames #AvonAddictsA Gentleman Never Tells on June 28, 2016
Pages: 160
Format: eARC
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A witty, sexy novella about a virgin widow and a rake with something to prove.

Eighteen months ago, Lizzie Troutt’s husband died in his mistress’s bed, leaving her determined to never marry again...and unfortunately virginal.

Eighteen years ago (give or take a few) the Honorable Oliver Berwick blackened his own soul, leaving him hardened and resolutely single.

When the chance for redemption in the form of a country house party invitation comes his way, Oliver is determined to prove himself a gentleman.

Until he breaks all the codes of gentlemanly behavior...once again.

A Gentleman Never Tells by Eloisa James is a novella in the Essex Sisters series. I haven’t read the others in the series, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this delightful regency novella. Lizzie was married to an oaf named Adrian who spent all of his time with his mistress. After his death, in the arms of his mistress no less, Lizzie has become to a shell of her previous self. Even 18 months later, she wears her mourning/half-mourning clothes. She stays in her room reading, not wanting to ride horses, come down to dinner or even laugh any more. She is of the mind that life for her is pretty well over, due to the notoriety regarding her husband’s actions. Lizzie is at her sister Cat’s house for a fortnight and her sister is trying to get her to rejoin life…and is playing matchmaker a bit as well.

Oliver Berwick is coerced into attending a house party by his young ward, his niece Hattie. He is quite reluctant about attending, and feels badly about his part in a group that made up awful nicknames for ladies in their youth, including Lizzie’s sister, Cat. She tasks Oliver with bringing Lizzie back to life again. What follows is a wonderful, romantic story of what can happen when you give life another chance. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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