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by David Burnsworth

In It For the Money by David Burnsworth
A Blu Carraway Mystery #1

Lowcountry Private Investigator Blu Carraway needs a new client. He’s broke and the tax man is coming for his little slice of paradise. But not everyone appreciates his skills. Some call him a loose cannon. Others say he’s a liability. All the ex-Desert Storm Ranger knows is his phone hasn’t rung in quite a while. Of course, that could be because it was cut off due to delinquent payments.

Lucky for him, a client does show up at his doorstep—a distraught mother with a wayward son. She’s rich and her boy’s in danger. Sounds like just the case for Blu. Except nothing about the case is as it seems. The jigsaw pieces—a ransom note, a beat-up minivan, dead strippers, and a missing briefcase filled with money and cocaine—do not make a complete puzzle. The first real case for Blu Carraway Investigations in three years goes off the rails.

And that’s the way he prefers it to be.

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Who Chooses Whom?

Do we choose our pets or do our pets choose us? On the surface, it seems like the obvious answer is we go to the shelter or pet store or breeder and select the animal we want. Sometimes we know exactly what type of dog we’re looking for and that’s what we get.

Then there are times where our pets choose us. A friend of mine tragically lost a dog to illness, only to have another one show up in his garage after a storm a few months later. The dog chose him. We once had a stray kitten hoodwink my mother into feeding him. He ended up staying with us for fourteen years.

Our dog that we had to let go a few years ago chose my wife. She went looking for a pet at an adoption event in front of a pet store. The moment her eyes met our dog’s, the choice had been made. He was her dog and stayed by her side and barely tolerated me after I showed up. Obviously he hadn’t chosen me, but at least he let me scratch his belly.

In my latest book, IN IT FOR THE MONEY, which begins a new series for me, Blu Carraway runs a struggling private investigation agency out of a home office. His house sits on a nine acre island in the lowcountry and he doesn’t have any pets in the traditional sense. Instead, what he has is a scraggly herd of wild Carolina Marsh Tackey horses that roam the marshes in and around his island home. They don’t leave. Even after hurricane Hugo decimated the lowcountry in ’89, they showed back up.

The current members, descendants of that stubborn heard from twenty years ago, also choose to stay. Two of them, named Dink and Doofus, even greet Blu on the way to and from his car. It didn’t take him long to realize these weren’t really tame pets. He’d made the mistake one time of giving them carrots and from that time on that’s what they expect. And then there’s the leader, a black stallion Blu named Murder. He leads the herd with a disciplined, frantic manner, and they follow him. And they’ve already done their part to help protect their island home once from intruders.

I believe sometimes we choose our pets, sometimes they choose us, and sometimes we choose each other.

Did you choose your pet or did they choose you?

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About David Burnsworth

David Burnsworth became fascinated with the Deep South at a young age. After a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and fifteen years in the corporate world, he made the decision to write a novel. He is the author of both the Brack Pelton and the Blu Carraway Mystery Series. Having lived in Charleston on Sullivan’s Island for five years, the setting was a foregone conclusion. He and his wife call South Carolina home.


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  1. I adopted two kittens earlier this year and they chose me. Hamilton is very friendly and came right to me. Jefferson who is very shy actually came to me and melted in my arms purring loudly. I fell in love with them instantly.

  2. My cat chose me in a roundabout way. She was the only kitty at the shelter that didn’t come right up to the front of the cage. She was so scared & huddled in the back of her cage. I figured she would be less likely to be adopted than the other kitties, so she had to come home with me.

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