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Mystery Follows Her – A Multi-Author Cozy Mystery Collection by Dianne Ascroft, Ellen Jacobson, Sarah Biglow, Aubrey Elle, Beate Boeker, Adriana Licio, Vikki Walton, Angela K. Ryan, and Tamara Woods

MYSTERY FOLLOWS HER through dangerous city streets, quaint villages, and locales across the globe. Uncover the clues with feisty female sleuths of various ages in this multi-author cozy mystery collection of short stories.

• Catch a mugger in THANKSGIVING AND THEFT by Dianne Ascroft
• Dig up hidden treasure in BURIED BY THE BEACH by Ellen Jacobson
• Open up a case in CLOSED OUT by Tamara Woods
• Pray for justice in TREASURES IN HEAVEN by Sarah Biglow
• Escape the blame in RING GONE ‘ROUND THE ROSES by Aubrey Elle
• Try on some clues in THE MYSTERY OF THE STOLEN RING by Beate Boeker
• Search for the suspect in WHEN THE CLOCK CHIMES TWO by Adriana Licio
• Catch the culprit in HIJINKS IN AJIJIC by Vikki Walton
• Locate the missing loot in VENDORS AND VILLAINS by Angela K. Ryan

You’ll love this collection of intriguing and light-hearted stories from award-winning and best-selling authors from across the globe.

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Guest Post by Aubrey Elle

There’s no doubt reading is the ultimate escape. Into others’ lives, solving different problems, and especially in cozies: a variety of cases. In this strange time of limited or inhibited travel, there’s no restriction on visiting any corner of the world. Read a book and leave your reality. Mystery Follows Her offers a box-of-chocolates approach, with destinations both domestic and international, settings both local and at large. Where to next? That’s the question a reader really needs to decide from their shelves.

When I began scheming the location for the Madis Harrah Mysteries, the first of which debuts as Ring Gone ’Round the Roses in this collection, I surprised myself by falling back to something ordinary—home. A small town in Ohio? It’s where I hail from, but how could I want to linger somewhere so simple and familiar?

Madis Harrah has just returned to her home in Ohio, and that sense of returning to roots is something that offers numerous opportunities. It’s not a step back, it’s not being stuck at home, but a chance to reinvent, an opening to reconsider a location some may tire of and wish to leave. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a home is valued in many more. Often, we wish to escape away from our current predicaments (particularly in this year), to chase a taste of something new, but there is always a plethora of newness waiting within our reach if we just look and dig deeper. If we adjust our view and scale in our angle.

Not only have I reimagined the small-town setting to something distinctly fictional, but I’ve borrowed on Madis’s place in life. A landscaper, a worker out in the garden, heckling with persistent weeds and obeying weather’s demands. I, too, come from a horticultural background. Before the biological clock ticked to show it was time for kids, I was outside, rain, snow, or sunshine. From arborists’ challenges such as felling enormous tress to gardening tasks like planting hundreds of bulbs, my hands worked with the land, with plants. That love of flora only carries into my words as I plot more mysteries, and it’s a thrill to watch Madis grow on the page. At least this way, I never have to worry about getting poison ivy!

Throughout my experiences as an arborist and grounds technician, I discovered so many nooks and crannies for mischief and mayhem. Out in the big, bad world, only not, as we all bring nature to our own backyards, too. Still, the landscape presents rich options for danger and curiosities. Dark shadows beyond trees, snooping in gardens, traversing sites ideal for secrets. Trouble has no limits, and there are countless spots for a good sleuthing right outside the home. Crime doesn’t discriminate when it comes to coordinates on the map, as the multitude of settings show in Mystery Follows Her. And it doesn’t matter where some characters end up; the trouble is right on her heels.

Haven’t you ever lent intrigue to your own surrounds? Wondered who’d done evil deeds in a spot nearby? Imagined what-ifs about certain corners of your world? I sure have. So many times my imagination has helped along ideas of finding bodies dragged into the flower bed, or stumbling upon treasures hidden in the dirt.

Escaping into a good book is an excellent distraction to reality, and there are no barriers to where a reader can go. Whether it’s an intrigued landscaper in a small town from the Midwest or a traveler over the border and across the sea, the vacation of the story is always a guarantee.

Author Aubrey Elle

About the Authors

Two US Today bestselling authors are among these nine authors who hail from Germany, Italy, Northern Ireland and the United States.

Their current and past occupations are diverse and include lawyer, perfumery shop owner, biology lecturer, marketing consultant, global house and pet sitter, interior designer, university campus minister, journalist, tea lady, arborist, bookseller and lottery archivist.

Their interests and hobbies are broad too. Here’s just a few: anthropology, walking and hiking, quilting, sailing, lindy hop dancing, suburban homesteading, sci-fi and urban fantasy, playing bagpipes and poetry. While many have traveled and lived in places around the world that were new and exciting to them, one even lives in a tiny campervan that’s traversed several American states this year!

Yet as diverse as they are, they all share a love of cozy mysteries and telling a good tale. And that’s what they have done in this collection of stories and novellas that introduces readers to characters in each author’s cozy mystery series.

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